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Whole-House Generator Services in Fresno, CA

It’s easy to take for granted the electrical power in our homes. We assume it will always be there when we need it. And then suddenly—it’s not. When a power outage affects your house or neighborhood, whether caused by the weather, a municipal power plant accident, or an overstrained grid, you’ll soon discover how much you depend on electrical power. But, if you have the right whole-house generator and the best generator services, you can sail through hours and days of a power outage without worries.

Purl's Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning offers full services for whole-house generators and backup generators. We work with a range of generator types, including automatic standby generator, solar generator, and inverter generator models. Make us your first choice for whole-house generators in Fresno, CA and the Central Valley.

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Whole-House Generator Installation

A portable generator can be helpful in a home for a few simple tasks, but it won’t supply enough energy for a household to make it through an extended power outage in comfort and safety.

The best option for residential homes is to install a backup generator that can power essential appliances and systems (the furnace and AC, lights, refrigeration devices, vital medical equipment). We install different types of whole-house generators: An automatic standby generator turns itself on when it detects a loss of power. A solar generator draws on the free energy of the sun, and an inverter generator can run at higher efficiency and lower noise levels than other models.

Generator Replacement

If you have a generator that you can no longer rely on to work when you need it, or you are looking to switch to a different fuel type, call us to arrange for generator services to replace your current model. We’ll work closely with you to ensure the new generator matches your power needs—the same as we do when we install the first generator for a house. We make sure you are informed of your options and benefits of each.

Generator Maintenance

What good is a backup generator if you aren’t certain it will turn on when you finally need it to? Not much! The way to keep confidence in your generator is to take care of it each year with generator maintenance. Our technicians will carefully inspect and clean the system to keep it in ready shape for the next time the power goes out. We’ll see that the batteries are working, the connections are clean, and the fuel supply hasn’t gone stale.

Generator Repair in Fresno, CA

A generator can malfunction like any complex appliance, and you’ll want to have our number ready for generator repair service in case of an emergency. Maintenance will help to keep away most repair issues, but won’t stop all of them. If you don’t want to fall back onto an old portable generator, keep us in mind for the moment you think your whole-house generator needs fixing.

You can trust Purl's Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning for your generator needs and many other home services in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas. We’ve served the Central Valley since 1952.

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