The Future of AC Refrigerants: What Comes After Puron?

June 10th, 2024

As the HVAC industry continues to evolve, one of the biggest changes we’ve seen over the past few decades is the change in air conditioning refrigerants: R-22 (commonly known as Freon) was replaced by R-410A (known as Puron). This change was driven by the need to reduce the environmental impact of air conditioners, as R-22 is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) that depletes the ozone layer. Puron, on the other hand, is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) with no ozone depletion potential, making it the more environmentally friendly choice. 

However, as technology and environmental standards advance, it’s a good time to ask: What comes after Puron?

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Why You Need Regular Dryer Vent Cleaning

May 27th, 2024

At Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of maintaining all aspects of a home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. However, one critical component that homeowners often overlook is the dryer vent. Regular dryer vent cleaning is essential for the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your home appliances. 

We’ll explain what the dryer vent is and why it can become a major hazard without regular professional cleaning. We’ll also help with the signs that it’s time to schedule dryer vent cleaning in Fresno.

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Why Choose Us for Installing New Rain Gutters

May 13th, 2024

Rain gutters might not be the most glamorous part of a home, but they play a crucial role in defending it from water damage as well as protecting the property around it. As water runs off your roof, gutters channel it away from your home’s outer walls and foundation, preventing erosion, flooding, structural damage, and ugly water stains. 

Like any other component of your home, rain gutters wear down and will eventually need to be replaced. When that time comes, you have the choice of installing standard pre-cut gutters. But if you want superior quality, durability, and customization, look no further than Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We’ll explain why we’re your best choice for rain gutter installation in Fresno.

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Purl’s Hosts Madera’s 37th Annual Kids Day

April 23rd, 2024

The 37th Annual Kids Day was March 11th, 2024.  Since 1988, Valley Children’s has partnered with ABC30, the Fresno Bee, and countless business and volunteers to orchestrate Kids Day. As one of the largest fundraising events in the Central Valley, Kids Day hosts more than twenty communities to help raise funds to support Valley Children’s greatest needs. The Fresno Bee features compelling patient stories and photography illustrating the vital pediatric medical care that Valley Children’s Hospital provides. 

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Why You Should Upgrade to an AC That Uses Puron (R-410A)

April 11th, 2024

In the realm of air conditioning, the evolution of technology has been fast, bringing about advancements that enhance cooling efficiency and contribute to environmental sustainability.

One major innovation is the switch from older refrigerants to newer refrigerant blends with improved efficiency and environmental benefits. Puron (a brand name for R-410A) is the current refrigerant used in most residential and commercial air conditioning systems. Learn how we’re leading the way with helping customers upgrade to Puron eefrigerant AC systems in Clovis, CA.

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Make Sure You Schedule AC Maintenance Before the Summer Heat

April 1st, 2024

As the temperatures start to climb with the beginning of spring, your air conditioning system becomes an indispensable asset in keeping your home cool and comfortable. However, the last thing you want is for it to break down on a scorching summer day. The key to ensuring your AC runs smoothly throughout the season is to schedule regular maintenance before the heat wave hits. For AC maintenance in Fresno contact Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning.

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Make Sure Your Rain Gutters Are Ready for the Rain

March 18th, 2024
Get your gutters ready!

The rainy period of the year in the Fresno and Clovis area lasts for seven months with a greater than 13% chance of a given day being a wet day. We’re right now in the middle of the rainy season, and it’s important to make sure your home can adequately deal with the rainfall.

Ensuring your rain gutters are ready for the rainy season is crucial for protecting your home from water damage. Spring is a great time for gutter replacement or repair.

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What Does Ice on AC Coils Mean?

March 4th, 2024

Ice on AC coils in Fresno, CA typically indicates an issue with your air conditioner that needs attention. You might think at first that ice isn’t a big deal—it just means that the AC is working hard. But ice is not part of the cooling cycle of an air conditioner. We’ll explain below why ice may appear on your air conditioning system’s evaporator coil and what to do about it and prevent it.

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A Cracked Heat Exchanger Is a Major Furnace Repair Issue

February 19th, 2024

Gas furnaces are reliable and powerful heating systems that can work for many years delivering warmth to a home. It’s why they’re still the most common household heating system across the country. 

Some homeowners are cautious about using gas furnaces because of possible safety hazards. Burning natural gas in any appliance has some risk of uncontrolled combustion and toxic gas leaks. But as long as a furnace receives regular maintenance each year and prompt repairs when needed, the risk is minimal.

We want to focus on one specific furnace repair problem that can create serious health hazards: a cracked heat exchanger. The more you know about it, the easier it will be to prevent it.

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5 Smaller Signs of a Dying Furnace

February 5th, 2024

We’ve examined before the ways you can tell that you may need heating repair in Fresno, CA. As we keep moving through another cold winter in the Central Valley, you’ll want to know how to recognize all the potential indicators that your furnace is teetering on the brink of failing. 

Some of these signs we haven’t shared before—they’re the silent and small warnings that may not leap out at you. Today, we’re going to delve into these sneakier signs so you’ll know sooner to call our technicians to investigate your heating system. If there’s a problem, we will find it and see if a repair will fix it or if we need to replace the whole furnace because it’s truly at the end of its service life.

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