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The Wrong High-Efficiency Air Filter Might Spell Disaster for Your HVAC System!

July 17th, 2018

pleated-air-filterAlmost any modern home can benefit from air cleaners of some type. Indoor air quality is often poor because homes are built today to seal out the heat in summer and seal it in during winter—and that means not much fresh air circulation.

What type of air cleaner is best for a home? There are plenty of options, and our IAQ experts at Wm. Henderson are happy to help you find the best. In most cases, improving air quality starts with putting in filters and then finding what other devices might help. Filters are almost always a good idea…

…except when the wrong type of filter goes in. When it comes to high-efficiency filters, such as the HEPA filter, you can have too much of a good thing. Too strong a filter can damage your HVAC system.

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How Leaking Refrigerant Affects an Air Conditioning System

July 6th, 2018

air-conditioner-unit-being-repairedOne of the more common problems that affects residential air conditioning systems is refrigerant leaks. An AC is designed to work with a specific amount of refrigerant, known as the system’s charge. The AC doesn’t use up the refrigerant as it runs, so under ideal circumstances, the refrigerant will remain at the same charge for the life of the system.

But circumstances are rarely ideal. Leaks can occur along refrigerant lines because of corrosion, and this will allow the refrigerant to escape. When the charge of an air conditioner drops, it will have negative effects on the AC, eventually leading to a complete breakdown. Below are the main ways refrigerant loss affects an air conditioning system.

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Congratulations to Purl’s Alicia Rodriguez!

June 11th, 2018

Alicia-graduation-purlsWe take great pride in our staff here at Purl’s, and right now we’re all very proud of our own Alicia Rodriguez, who graduated from Fresno State this May. Alicia first started working at Purl’s in 2014 in the service department and is now an office assistant who enjoys working directly with our customers and helping them to enjoy the best comfort for their homes. Congratulations, Alicia!

There’s a fun story connected to Alicia’s graduation. When she was driving to the Fresno State campus to walk for the commencement ceremony, her car broke down and she was stranded on the side of the road. But Kurt Davidson, our co-owner, was able to be the unintentional hero that day—he was driving the other direction and recognized Alicia’s car. He put in a call to the office, turned his Purl’s truck around, and gave Alicia a lift to the campus. She made it in time for her graduation. Alicia has seen many Purl’s trucks sent out to help customers throughout the Central Valley, but she’s probably never been happier to see the Purl’s decals on the side of a truck before!

Everybody at Purl’s is thrilled at Alicia’s achievement. (And thanks to Kurt for temporarily making us Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning and Roadside Assistance!)

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning: Quality Is the Cornerstone of Our Success Since 1952.

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Duct Sealing Can Improve Your Air Conditioning

June 7th, 2018

duct-sealing-with-caulkingDuring a hot summer here in the Central Valley, you’ll want your air conditioning system to work at its best. This means reliable, even cooling around the rooms, and utility bills that don’t rise too high. Standard malfunctions can threaten your AC’s performance, but they aren’t the only danger to the well-working of your air conditioning system. Many people don’t realize that poor ductwork is often a serious problem for cooling systems.

However, there is a solution to this. Even if you don’t think your air conditioning system is performing badly, it may benefit from this same trick. And that trick is—duct sealing.

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Detect Water Heater Troubles Early: Some Tips

May 17th, 2018

water-heater-tankUnlike heating and air conditioning systems, there’s no “season” for water heaters. The average water heater does more work during winter, but it still operates almost every day of the year to meet a household’s needs.

This means that your water heater could start to experience trouble at any time. Regular maintenance can help to prevent this, but there’s no way to make any water heater 100% malfunction-free. We have some tips on how to spot early on that your water heater is having problems. That way you can schedule timely repair services with our team.

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What Could Go Wrong with Your AC’s Condenser

May 7th, 2018

air-conditioning-tool-bagThe condenser, or condenser unit, is one of the vital parts of a home’s air conditioning system. When HVAC technicians refer to the condenser, they’re talking about the entire outdoor unit of a split system air conditioner, the type most people use for home comfort. The condenser houses the compressor, which places the refrigerant under pressure so it will circulate through the system, condenser coils where heat is released to the outdoors to cool down the refrigerant, and a blower fan to draw air across the condenser coils and then exhaust the heat out of the unit.

The condenser is therefore responsible for two crucial functions in the AC: to move refrigerant and to exhaust heat.

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Need a Furnace Repair in April? Yes, Have It Done Soon!

April 24th, 2018

hands-opening-heating-cabinetIf you recently glanced at weather reports from around the country, you’ll have noticed how unpredictable April can be: snowstorms striking Vermont, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Central California never experiences anything so extreme (except up in the mountains), but April is still no time to risk having your heating system fail. So even though the calendar says it’s spring, don’t let that stop you from taking action with your furnace if it’s putting your comfort in jeopardy.

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Rains Mean More Pollen! We’ll Help Protect your Indoor Air Quality

April 5th, 2018

woman-with-allergiesIt’s been raining this week and last week in Fresno, CA. This rainfall is very welcome, since we’ve been going through a drought and rain brings relief for farmers. But there’s a downside—and we don’t mean having an outdoor touch football game being rained out. Spring rains cause the pollen count to rise, and this can be terrible for allergies. Watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and all types of allergy irritations occur because there’s too much pollen drifting in the air.

One of our jobs here at Purl’s Sheet Metal is to help locals improve their indoor air quality. We have solutions to keep control of the pollen count and other allergens inside your house.

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Carrier President’s Award 2018

April 3rd, 2018

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning receives the 2018 Carrier President’s Award

We are so proud to announce that Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning was awarded one of Carrier’s highest awards “The President’s Award”. This award is only presented to Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers. Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers are an elite group of dealers that are required to meet a strict set of standards set forth by The Carrier Corporation. Of that group, only the top 2 percent in the nation qualify to receive the President’s Award.

The award is based on a dealer’s representation of the Carrier product line, customer satisfaction, excellence in business and sales leadership. The number of years as a loyal Carrier Dealer also contributes to the award criteria. President’s award winners are invited to serve as part of a national sounding board to the Carrier brand leadership team.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning in Madera, CA has been a Carrier Dealer since 1973 and a Factory Authorized Dealer since the program began in 2003. The Presidents Awards were presented during the Annual Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer National Dealer Meeting held March 8-10th.

Purl’s Sheet Metal maintains and services HVAC equipment and our team is available to handle all of your maintenance and emergency needs. Please contact us today to learn more about Purl’s Sheet Metal and the complete range of cooling and heating products and services we offer.

Purls Sheet Metal Carrier President's Award 2018

Pictures- Left to right Craig Duncan- Sigler Wholesale Distributors Branch Manager, Lisa Davidson, Kurt Davidson (C0-Owner Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning)

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Why You Should Use a Licensed and Insured Contractor

March 23rd, 2018

crossed-wrenchesIf you look at the home page of our website, you’ll see right under our name at the top of the page is our contractor’s license number: 463756. We have it displayed there because the license is what sets us apart from an amateur contractor. Each state has different requirements for licensing and regulation. Here in California, holding a license means a contractor has the necessary insurance and bonding required locally.

But what does this mean to you as a customer? Why should you turn to a contractor who has a license and insurance rather than to an amateur who offers low costs? One reason is the basic quality of the service you’ll get. But right now we’re going to look specifically at the importance of the license and insurance.

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