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Purl’s Hosts Madera’s 37th Annual Kids Day

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

The 37th Annual Kids Day was March 11th, 2024.  Since 1988, Valley Children’s has partnered with ABC30, the Fresno Bee, and countless business and volunteers to orchestrate Kids Day. As one of the largest fundraising events in the Central Valley, Kids Day hosts more than twenty communities to help raise funds to support Valley Children’s greatest needs. The Fresno Bee features compelling patient stories and photography illustrating the vital pediatric medical care that Valley Children’s Hospital provides. 

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Hot Dog Dinner at Madera Fair 2023

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning along with Randy and Sheryl Berry hosted the Annual Hot Dog dinner on Sept 4th from 5–7pm. We hosted a dinner for all the 4H and FFA Exhibitors and their families the night before the Madera District Fair opened to the public. The 4H and FFA kids arrive a few days before the Fair to work and prepare to show their livestock animals. The hot dog dinner is an annual tradition in Madera that everyone at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning looks forward to attending. We cooked over five hundred hotdog dinners complete with drinks and all the fixings. It is a great way for us to get out in the community and support our local hardworking kids and the agricultural community.  

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Does Rust on a Water Heater Mean It Must Be Replaced?

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

You never want to see rust or other types of corrosion appearing on important metal appliances or fixtures. It’s bad news because corrosion weakens metal and eventually causes it to deteriorate and flake away. 

Because a water heater is a mostly metal device that holds and circulates water, it’s in jeopardy of rusting. Thankfully, water heaters have special defenses built into them to prevent rust and other types of corrosion from getting an early hold on them. These defenses include the sacrificial anode rod that attracts rust to it rather than the tank; the expansion tank that keeps oxygen out of the main tank (corrosion requires oxygen to trigger the chemical reaction between water and metal); and a glass lining inside the tank.

Yet seeing that your water heater has rust on the outside can still happen. When you see rust on your home’s water heater, does this mean the water heater is finished? Is it time to call us for a water heater replacement?

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Purl’s Involvement in the 36th Annual Kids Day March

Tuesday, April 25th, 2023

Valley Children’s Hospital provides vital pediatric medical care for children. Since 1988, Valley Children’s has partnered with ABC30, the Fresno Bee, and numerous businesses and volunteers to arrange Kids Day. This is one of the largest fundraising events in the Central Valley and hosts more than twenty communities to help raise funds to support Valley Children’s greatest needs.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning hosted the Madera site location. We partnered with Alegria Guild of Valley Children’s Hospital as the main hub for our volunteers. The volunteers started to arrive at 6 o’clock in the morning to check in and pick up their postcards to sell for Kids Day. Children and adults lined the sidewalks and intersections of Madera to raise funds and awareness for Valley Children’s Hospital and the kids of our Valley. It was such a fantastic day to partner with our local businesses and youth in Madera.

We’d like to extend a big “thank you” to St. Joachim School and its 7th and 8th grade classes. These amazing kids were the main selling force in our community. They won the Middle School Challenge for the highest sales in the Central Valley. So many of our volunteers have a personal story or tie to Valley Children’s Hospital, and this is their chance to show support and to give back.

We’re looking forward to 2024 and again working with Alegria Guild and Valley Children’s Hospital to help grow the volunteer list and increase sales in Madera.

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Benefits of a Backup Generator

Tuesday, February 28th, 2023

This month record snowfall blankets the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the outlaying areas of the Central Valley. Central California is experiencing record rain, snowfall, ice, wind, and even blizzard warning conditions. Fresno and Madera Counties and our entire Central Valley have been hit hard with wildfires that have devastated homes and the natural surrounding areas and led to lengthy power outages. When you add our current record winter to that damage, we are faced with people being stranded from snow and possible flooding. All of this can lead to more lengthy power outages and emergency situations.  

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What Causes Ice to Form on an AC’s Evaporator Coil?

Monday, July 26th, 2021

A mistake that homeowners often make about the way their air conditioning systems work is to assume that ice appearing along the indoor evaporator coil is normal, just a sign the AC is working extremely well at cooling down the air.

The truth is that ice should never appear on any part of an air conditioner. When ice appears along the evaporator coil, it means something is interfering with the standard way the air conditioner operates. The ice creates a major problem on its own, but the source of the ice forming may be an even worse problem.

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Should I Have Custom-Made Ductwork for My New Home Construction?

Monday, March 15th, 2021


When you decide to build your own home, you’ll face many important decisions. Choosing the correct ductwork design for the ventilation system from an experienced HVAC contractor will be extremely important to your home.

You may not think of ductwork as anything that needs to look “special” because it’s hidden out of sight. But this overlooks the significant benefits of having a ventilation system designed with customized ductwork. We think that when you consider the advantages of a higher rated R-value duct (Flex Duct) you’ll see that it’s the best way to go.

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The Improvements of Getting a New Furnace Installed

Thursday, March 4th, 2021

furnace-burners-CUIf you use an old gas furnace for your household heating in Madera, CA, have you started to consider getting a replacement? We recommend replacing any aging heating system before it starts to go into a decline. It’s not a good idea to let a furnace run and run until it fails. This is not only inconvenient (nobody wants to have to scramble to replace a dead furnace in the middle of winter), it also means the furnace will waste more and more energy during its final downward spiral.

There are other reasons to go ahead and replace an aging furnace while it’s still (outwardly) working okay. Newer furnaces contain several improvements that can help you enjoy better performance and energy efficiency with your home heating than ever before.

Below are several ways modern furnaces conserve energy. Not all furnaces have these same additions: ask our technicians about the different options available.

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Explaining AFUE Ratings for Gas Furnaces vs. Electric Furnaces

Monday, December 28th, 2020

natural-gas-burnerOne of the trickiest parts of navigating a new heating system installation for a house is figuring out energy efficiency ratings and what they mean. People want their heating systems to use less energy if possible, but they may not understand what the efficiency ratings mean and if it’s worth it to pay more to install a high-efficiency system.

Making the choice for a new central heating system is much easier when you have the assistance of our Madera, CA, HVAC experts. It’s our job to see you have the right heating system for your house, and we’ll assist you with figuring out efficiency ratings and all the other important factors that go into new system selection.

In this post, we’ll look at an example of where efficiency ratings can be confusing for homeowners, which is how the AFUE ratings for furnaces differ between gas and electric models.

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The Failed Furnace Control Board: A Major Furnace Problem

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

electrical-schematicA natural gas furnace may burn gas to create the heat sent into the home, but the furnace also uses electrical power to run. This is why your furnace won’t work during a power outage, and also why you may need heater repair in Madera, CA to repair electrical components in your furnace at times. In fact, electrical malfunctions are among the more common type of furnace problems. We’re looking at one of these major malfunctions today, which is a failed furnace control board.

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