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Should I Have Custom-Made Ductwork for My New Home Construction?

Monday, March 15th, 2021


When you decide to build your own home, you’ll face many important decisions. Choosing the correct ductwork design for the ventilation system from an experienced HVAC contractor will be extremely important to your home.

You may not think of ductwork as anything that needs to look “special” because it’s hidden out of sight. But this overlooks the significant benefits of having a ventilation system designed with customized ductwork. We think that when you consider the advantages of a higher rated R-value duct (Flex Duct) you’ll see that it’s the best way to go.

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Are You Paying to Cool Your Attic, Not Your Home?

Monday, August 14th, 2017

ductwork-in-atticThe question in the title may at first sound a bit strange. Why would you cool your attic at all? You almost never go up there, and there’s no reason to provide cooling (or heating) for it during the year.

But the truth may surprise you—because many homeowners are accidentally paying money during the summer to send conditioned air up into their attics. They don’t mean to do it; it’s the result of a problem that’s alarmingly common in modern homes, which is ductwork suffering from air leaks. The ductwork passing through an attic (one of the easiest places to install ducts so they don’t take up space elsewhere in a house) often loses the conditioned air in it through gaps and holes. That means cooling power goes into the attic, where it’s no good to anybody in the rest of the house.

So it’s possible that right now during our hot later summer here in the Central Valley that you’re paying to cool down air that’s going right into the attic rather than to the living spaces. The people in the household will receive some of the cooled air, but less than they should. (According to government studies, the loss of cooled air to duct leaks can be up to 30%.) The air conditioning system will run more often to make up for this loss, causing electrical bills to climb and placing a higher toll on the AC.

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Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Barbeque Smokers

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Friday barbeques are a tradition at Purl’s Sheet Metal. Our team of employees, customers and invited guests enjoy the weekly Friday lunch at our Madera office. Every week there is something different on the menu. After searching for a BBQ smoker, we decided to fabricate our own. What started as a passion to create the best “smoked” meats for our weekly lunch, quickly turned into a prototype for a new barbeque smoker. (Lasagna in the smoker is a Purl’s Friday lunch favorite!)
The food from our BBQ smokers was so delicious, our employees and our customers started asking to order one for their personal use. After much testing and sampling of great meals, we came up with a well-designed smoker.

Custom BBQ Smoker Sheet Metal Fabrication

Purl’s Sheet Metal fabricates custom BBQ smokers.

Each barbeque smoker body is custom fabricated in our sheet metal shop in Madera, CA. Each smoker contains a top vent, side vents, chrome plated steel cooking grill, meat hanging hooks, removable fire basket, and temperature gauge. It is assembled with care and precision in the USA in Madera, CA. We are proud to announce they are now available for purchase and special order. Options are available for special orders, so give us a call at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning for all the details or even from some great new recipes!


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It’s Right in Our Name: We Fabricate Sheet Metal

Friday, August 8th, 2014

The majority of our customers come to us for our quality work installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioners, heaters, and other indoor comfort systems. But these customers are often confused at the name of our company and the “sheet metal” part. The truth is that Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning started out exclusively in the sheet metal business way back in 1952. This is not completely unheard of in the air conditioning world: developing the sheet metal used for ventilation construction often leads to working with the air conditioners that hook up to them.

Sheet metal fabrication is still an important part of our business, and we currently handle the work in a Madera, CA sheet metal fabrication building that covers 24,000 square feet. The technology we use has advanced tremendously since the 1950s, and our cutting-edge computer-controlled tools allow us to produce a high volume of unique products. We handle sheet metal fabrication for different industries and purposes: agricultural products such as irrigation systems and processing ventilation systems; customized roofing to fit any kind of space; hoods for kitchen ranges; and spiral ductwork that has recently gained popularity in both homes and businesses. We also manufacture the sheet metal we use in our new construction installations for heating and air conditioning.

One of the key tools in our sheet metal fabrication building is a computer automated plasma cutting table. We can program into the computer the different shapes and sizes of the pieces we need cut for a project. The plasma table then automatically configures them to make the maximum use of the material and cuts the shape using a plasma torch. A plasma torch is device that blasts out an inert gas through a nozzle at high speed and then changes it into plasma with an electric arc; the resulting plasma can move through metal rapidly for smooth cutting. We also use the plasma table to cut out standardized pieces, such as boots, that we use in new construction.

If you contact us for installation of a heating system, air conditioning, or ductwork, we will take care of all the necessary fabrication for the job. But you can also contact us when your need customized sheet metal in Madera, CA for a specific project. Our years of experience and up-to-date technology make us one of your best resources for sheet metal fabrication in the Central Valley.

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