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Need a Furnace Repair in April? Yes, Have It Done Soon!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

hands-opening-heating-cabinetIf you recently glanced at weather reports from around the country, you’ll have noticed how unpredictable April can be: snowstorms striking Vermont, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Central California never experiences anything so extreme (except up in the mountains), but April is still no time to risk having your heating system fail. So even though the calendar says it’s spring, don’t let that stop you from taking action with your furnace if it’s putting your comfort in jeopardy.

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Why Won’t My Heater Stop Running?

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

question-mark-badgeWhen you set your furnace or other home heating system to come on, and then nothing happens, you’ll instantly know you have a problem. It might be a simple issue, like a tripped circuit breaker or clogged air filter. It could a more serious malfunction, and in that case you’ll need the assistance of HVAC professionals to inspect and repair your heating in Fresno, CA or elsewhere in the Central Valley.

There’s a flip side to this: a heating system that comes on and won’t shut off. When this happens, not only will the heating system waste immense amounts of energy and risk suffering permanent damage, but the house can become overheated, stuffy, and unpleasant. Why does this happen? What can be done about it?

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How to Prepare Your HVAC System for the Winter Months

Monday, October 30th, 2017

capsAlthough the official start of winter doesn’t arrive until the third week in December, the cooling in the Central Valley often sets in earlier. Right now, we are still experiencing warm days, but the nights are developing a chill. Once Daylight Savings time ends in November, we can anticipate a faster change in the temperatures to the colder side. Right now is the time to see that your HVAC system is prepared for the change in seasons. Here’s what you can do to help prepare it.

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Low Airflow: Why This Happens, What Can Be Done

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

fan-on-white-backgroundWhether you have your heating or air conditioning system running (at this time of the year, you never know which one you’ll need) a common trouble you may encounter is a drop in the airflow coming from the room vents. There are many different reasons for a decline in airflow, which is why we recommend you call on our professionals to take a look into the situation to discover what needs to be fixed—or replaced.

Below we’ll look at some of the causes of low airflow and how they can be remedied.

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Why Is My Furnace Tripping the Circuit Breaker?

Monday, February 13th, 2017

natural-gas-burnerHere’s a heating malfunction that might happen in your home during the winter:

The temperature outside is dropping, and it’s time to fire up your home’s furnace to keep everyone cozy. You go to the thermostat and adjust the temperature for warmth. But as the furnace comes on, it abruptly shuts down. You check on the circuit breaker panel, and find that one of the breakers has tripped. You re-set it, turn on the furnace again… and it once more trips the circuit breaker and shuts down.

What’s going on? And what can you do about it?

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Freezing Weather Ahead: Is Your HVAC System Maintained and Ready?

Monday, December 26th, 2016

The cold winter weather has arrived. But we can anticipate much colder in the first months of the New Year. When the outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, you’re HVAC system will undergo an immense amount of stress to provide your family with the warmth it absolutely requires. This leads to the Big Winter Heating Question: Is your HVAC system ready for freezing weather?

We’ll take a closer look by asking a few questions.

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Some Heating Issues to Watch for at the End of Winter

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

The second half of February is here, and we’re already experiencing warmer weather. But we can’t count on it remaining like this all the way through to the middle of spring. There may still be some chilly surprises ahead, and that means your heating system needs to be prepared to come back on.

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3 Repairs for Heating You Need to Take Care of Before Winter

Friday, October 10th, 2014

Before the steady low temperatures of winter arrive, you should know if your heating system has any malfunctions that may impair it or even cause it to break down. The best way to know if you need to schedule repairs is to take the heater for a brief “test run” during a warm day to see if you notice anything wrong.  Afterwards, arrange for the heater’s annual maintenance visit from an experienced HVAC service technician.

Below are three common repair issues that heating systems may need before winter starts. You can call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning seven days a week to handle any of these troubles, as well as to sign up for our Ultimate Service Agreement to handle maintenance. We are here for all your needs for HVAC repair in Fresno.

3 Common Heating Repair Issues before Winter

  • Gas line problems: You don’t want to turn on a gas furnace at the start of winter and discover that the gas isn’t flowing to the burner. If during your test run on a gas furnace you discovered that the burner wouldn’t ignite, even though the pilot light or electronic ignition was working, than you probably have trouble in the gas line. As with any device hooked up to natural gas, you never want to attempt repairs on your own. Only trust to experienced professionals.
  • Broken ignition/failed pilot light: Everything else in a gas furnace may be operating well, but if the pilot light will not remain on, or the electronic ignition has failed, nothing will happen. Dirt across the burner can cause a pilot light to keep going out, or not come on at all, and electronic igniters can fail for a variety of reasons. Repair technicians can clean off the burner or replace the igniter to restore the furnace’s operation.
  • Low refrigerant: This is an issue with heat pumps, which use the circulation of refrigerant to provide both cooling and heating throughout the year. The refrigerant in the system will not “get used up” during normal operation, but leaking can cause the level of the refrigerant (its “charge”) to begin to drop, which will affect its heating ability and could also lead to serious damage to its components. Because this affects the cooling ability as well, you shouldn’t ignore a dip in air conditioning power from the heat pump during the end of the warm season, since this decline will carry over to heating mode. Professionals will locate the refrigerant leaks, seal them, and recharge the refrigerant to its proper level.

During a maintenance visit from one of the experienced technicians at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning, you will learn about any repair troubles your heating system has. We will arrange for the repair work to take care of the malfunction so you will have your heating system ready in time for the winter cold. Trust in us for any repairs in Fresno, CA for your HVAC heating system needs.

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Yes, Even Your Ductless Heating System May Need Repair

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Ductless heating systems are designed to eliminate the cumbersome system of hidden passages that deliver heated air from a central furnace to all of the rooms of your house. They usually consist of a number of smaller units that individually heat different sections of your home. Ductless systems offer a lot of advantages, such as increase efficiency and the ability to tailor the temperature in different parts of your home. And here in Fresno, heating repair services see a lot of them, since they work very well in mild climates like ours. Sadly, no system is foolproof and those repair experts are sometimes necessary to handle problems. Yes, even your ductless heating system may need repair.

Many ductless heating systems also serve a dual function as air conditioners: heat pumps pull double duty by making innovative use of the same refrigerant cycle that helps AC units do what they do. When leaks spring up in the system, the lower levels of refrigerant can create big problems, reducing efficiency and increasing wear and tear on the systems. You need a repairman to hunt down the leaks and recharge the refrigerant before the system will function again.

Ductless heaters often use fan blowers and similar methods to distribute warm air. The motors running those blowers can become worn or damaged, creating problems with distributing the heat. Problems with electrical connections can interfere with the ductless heater’s ability to function as well, and usually requires professional expertise in order to treat properly.

Other problems of this sort can crop up, ranging from an excessive build-up of dust to clogs in the drain line. The good news is that ductless systems are compartmentalized, so repairing it doesn’t necessarily mean surrendering heat in your entire house. And Fresno heating repair services are ready to help regardless. Here at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning, we have the experiences and know-how to handle repairs for your ductless heating system. Yes, even your dustless heating system may need repair. But if you give our Fresno heating repair service technicians a call today, we’ll show you just how reliable a repair service can be.

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Noises Every Heater Should Not Make

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Here in Fresno, heating concerns raise their head every winter, as our hot Central Valley summers fade to the rainy, chilly season. Good heaters are a key part of keeping your home warm and cozy, and when they malfunction, you need to have the problem addressed as quickly as possible. Most heaters make some kind of noise when they operate, either with a blowing fan motor, a soft hum of electricity, or the like. When strange noises occur, it’s usually not a good sign. What qualifies as strange noises – noises every heater should not make? A quick overview can be found below.

In the simplest possible terms, a strange noise is any noise that you don’t recall hearing before, and that doesn’t seem connected with the heater’s normal functions. You’ll usually know it when you hear it. It can be something obvious, such as a buzzing or a grinding noise which occurs when the fan is bent or something is caught in it. You might also hear a loud knocking noise when a motor overloads, or a dripping noise if there’s a problem with the drain line.

In other cases, the noise might be more subtle. For example, if there’s a breach in the duct system, you might here a soft humming or a whistling. Or a loose bolt somewhere in the heater itself might cause a quiet rattling when the heater turns on. These usually aren’t quite as dire as louder noises, but they can still cause tremendous damage to your heating system if left untreated.

Either way, if you detect any noises that every heater should not make – which is to say, any noises you haven’t heard before and/or which sound problematic – then your best bet is to shut off the heater and call in a qualified service technician immediately. In Fresno, heating repairs are covered by the experts at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We’ll track down the source of the noise and make repairs with all of the courtesy and professionalism you’ve come to expect. Pick up the phone and give our Fresno heating repair service technicians a call today!

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