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Heating Installation FAQ: Signs You Need Furnace Installation

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Even though the Central Valley is known for its hot weather in the summer months, there are a few months in the year when you need to flip on your furnace. Our heaters might not get that much use, but eventually they still need to be replaced. Knowing when that time has come can be difficult. At Purl’s Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning we provide complete heating installation in Fresno CA. We wanted to help out our customers by putting together a short list of some of the signs that can indicate you need to have a new furnace installed.

Signs You Need Heating Installation in Fresno CA

Here are some of the signs that you should keep an eye out for that could indicate that you need heating installation in Fresno, CA for your new furnace.

  • Rattling noise – If you start to hear a rattling sound from your furnace you should turn it off immediately. This can be a sign that you have a carbon monoxide leak in your home from a cracked heat exchanger. If this has happened it likely means that you need to have a new furnace installed at your home.
  • Furnace age – Most furnaces are designed to last about 25 years. If your furnace is around that age and has started to require more repairs, it might make more financial sense to have a new furnace installed at your home in Fresno.
  • Blue or wiggling flame – If you see that the flame on your furnace’s burners are blue or if they are wiggling it could mean that your heat exchanger is cracked. Again, this is a big problem and normally leads to new furnace installation.

Benefits of New Heating Installation in Fresno CA

Getting heating installation in Fresno, CA isn’t something that many homeowners enjoy. It can be intrusive and inconvenient. However, there are a few attractive benefits to getting a new furnace installed at your home.

  • Efficiency – When you get a new furnace installed you will likely enjoy more efficient heating. This is especially true if your old furnace was over 10 years old. New furnaces typically have much higher efficiency ratings than older models. You should notice a reduction in the amount of energy that you use to heat your home.
  • Fewer repairs – If your old furnace required a lot of repairs or maintenance, you’ll likely be able to avoid those things by installing a new furnace.

For all your heating installations in Fresno, CA call the friendly professionals at Purl’s Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning.

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Heating Repair FAQ

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Many homeowners, especially new homeowners, have a lot of questions about caring for their homes and their home comfort systems. It can be a lot to keep track of, and it is understandable that all of this responsibility may be a bit overwhelming. At Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning we want to help take some of the stress and guesswork out of home ownership. If you have any questions about proper heating repair protocol or services, just call the Madera heating experts at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We can help you make the right decisions about repairs for your Madera heating system.

One of the most common heating repair questions that homeowners have is just when they should contact a professional Madera heating service provider for heating repair service. At Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning, we know that the right time to call for a heating repair in Madera is as soon as you have reason to believe that there is a problem with your heater. The longer a heating repair is postponed the more time that problem has to develop and worsen. You may be hesitant to schedule professional heating repair, but you will only wind up paying more a bit further down the road. Schedule heating repair service today.

Another question that homeowners grapple with is just when a heating repair service call is really necessary. Again, as soon as you even suspect a problem with your home heating system you should schedule maintenance repair service. Do not trick yourself into thinking that a problem with your heater is too minor to justify heating repair services. Even minor issues such as strange noises during the operation of your heater may be indicative of a more serious problem with your heater. Only a qualified professional can decide for sure. Contact your heating repair service provider whenever you have a heating problem, no matter how “minor.”

Don’t let minor problems or damages to your home heating system develop into more serious headaches. Call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning to schedule heating repair in Madera right away. We can help get your heater back on track.

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