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3 Reasons to Consider Tankless Water Heater Installation

For many decades, there was only one basic type of water heater available for homes: the storage tank water heater. This is the kind of water heater that is familiar to most people. Although a tank water heaters is still an effective way to provide a household with sufficient hot water for its needs, it is no longer the only option. If you are considering new installation for a water heater, you might want to take a look at getting a tankless water heater.

Here are 3 of the best reasons (and there are plenty more) why you should give serious thought to having a tankless water heater installed for your home:

1. Energy savings

The conventional water heater must keep a tank of water at high temperature all the time so that it is ready for use. This means extra energy consumption when there is no actual demand for hot water. But a tankless water heater only heats up the water moving through its heat exchanger when a tap or appliance comes on demanding hot water. The system therefore uses far less energy than a storage tank water heater, saving you money over its lifespan.

2. Unlimited hot water

Because a tankless water heater doesn’t have to store hot water and instead heats it up as it is needed, it won’t run out of its supply—and you won’t run out of hot water. This is a great advantage for homes where people often end up stuck with lukewarm showers in the morning.

3. Long lifespan

Because tankless water heaters don’t suffer the same levels of stress as storage tank water heaters, they also tend to last longer. You will have more years to enjoy your tankless water heater’s energy savings and convenience.

If you want to find out more about tankless water heaters or wish to arrange for installation of one, call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We serve Clovis, CA and all of the Central Valley.

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