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3 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Is Short-Cycling

The term short-cycling refers to when the compressor of an air conditioning system turns on and off rapidly, never getting a chance to complete its full cooling cycle. A short-cycling air conditioner is a serious problem for a number of reasons: The extra stress placed on the components will lead to multiple repair needs. The strain can cause the compressor to break down, which often requires that the whole system be replaced. And because air conditioners draw the most power when the compressor starts up, a short-cycling AC will create a large increase in electrical bills.

If your air conditioner starts to short-cycle, you must have a skilled HVAC technician look into the issue. There is no single cause for short-cycling, and it takes a trained professional to discover the specific reason that it is happening in your air conditioner and then find the best way to fix it.

Below are three of the more common reasons for short-cycling:

  1. Loss of refrigerant – Refrigerant escaping through leaks will lead to numerous problems for an air conditioning system, among them short-cycling. This must be professionally repaired as soon as possible and the correct refrigerant level restored.
  2. Thermostat malfunction – If the thermostat in your home starts to sense incorrect temperatures, it will turn the air conditioning on and off at the wrong times. Sometimes the thermostat can be repaired, and at other times it is better for technicians to simply replace the unit with a new one.
  3. Oversized air conditioner – It is possible that the air conditioning system in your home is simply too large for the space it is supposed to cool. This is a problem that can occur because of amateur or inferior installation (yet another reason you should ­always rely on professionals for this job). Usually, the only solution to an oversized AC is to have skilled technicians replace it with a correctly sized unit.

Call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning when you need repairs for a short-cycling air conditioner. We are on call 7 days a week to help you with your comfort needs in Fresno, CA.

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