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Air Conditioning Problems from a Clogged Drain Line

We can still expect a few more weeks of warm-to-hot weather in the Central Valley before the fall cooling starts. This means you must keep an eye on your air conditioning system to watch for any late-season repair issues. You shouldn’t shut off your AC for the season if it has a malfunction, since this can lead to larger problems with the system when the warm weather returns.

A problem that sometimes develops for air conditioners at the close of summer is a clogged drain line. The drain line is the AC component that removes excess water moisture from the inside the evaporator coil cabinet. As the evaporator coil draws heat from the indoor air, it also draws water vapor, which collects on the coil and drips into a condensate pan. The drain line carries this water to the outside of your home.

Like any drain line, this one can develop clogs, usually from algae or dirt. This will cause the water to drain slowly from the pan, or even stop draining entirely. Because the condensate pan is shallow (only about an inch deep) this situation will quickly cause water to flood out of the pan. Here are some of the problems this can create:

  • Water damage – The water that overflows from the pan can inflict hundreds of dollars worth of damage or more to a home depending on where the air conditioner’s cabinet is located.
  • Fire hazards – You absolutely do not want water to drip onto the electrical components of an air conditioning system or the heating system (which is often housed under the AC in the cabinet). This could potentially start a house fire.
  • Mold and mildew growth – Water leaking out of an air conditioning system will encourage the development of mildew, harmful molds, and bacteria.

When you notice water leaking from your air conditioner’s cabinet, don’t hesitate: call for professionals to clean or replace the drain line.

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