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Benefits of an Air Purification System

During the hot summers here in the Central Valley, your main comfort concern will be keeping your house’s air conditioning system working. However, don’t ignore your indoor air quality! Installing the right air purification system offers tremendous benefits once it’s integrated into the HVAC system. Below are a few advantages of professionally installed air purifiers:

ONE: Improved Health Conditions

The principle benefit of putting in an effective air purification system is that it removes pollutants that are harmful to the health of people in your household—especially those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Among the hazardous contaminants that purifiers eliminate are volatile organic compounds (formaldehyde is the most common), pesticides, chemicals, and carbon monoxide.

TWO: Protection for Parts of Your Home

The building materials in your house will also be in better condition thanks to air purifiers. Here’s one example: we mentioned how common formaldehyde is in household air. This volatile organic compound is a prime cause for corrosion occurring in copper piping, such as the refrigerant lines in an air conditioning system.

THREE: A Better Smelling House

Air purifiers can do wonders when it comes to ridding your home of numerous unpleasant or odd smells. Air purifiers affect many chemicals that produce bad smells, as well as odor molecules.

FOUR: Helps the Air Conditioning System Run More Efficiently

If you have a UV air purifier installed, it will provide an important benefit to your air conditioning system. The ultraviolet radiation from UV germicidal lights destroys mold and other organic growths that create health problems in home. But it also removes growths from across the coils of the AC, which the lights are positioned to target. The air conditioner coils will work at higher efficiency if there’s no mold on them.

Remember that you need to have a professional select and install the right purification system for your home in order for you to enjoy these benefits. Call up our team and we’ll see that you have the air purification system that does just what you need from it.

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