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Common Heating Repair Needs

People who live outside of California don’t often associate our state with snow or frigid weather (unless they’re thinking about ski resorts). But in the Central Valley, the temperature can dip to unpleasant lows during late fall and winter. In Fresno, CA, heating repair is something you need to consider during the coming months. Whatever kind of heater you have, no matter how durable or well-maintained, it will at some point need the attention of an HVAC repair specialist. Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning has served the Central Valley with heating repair services for over six decades, so when you need assistance with a malfunctioning heater, contact us right away.

Here are a few issues you might encounter with different heating systems that require professional attention:

Heat pumps: Heat pumps are a popular option in Fresno, CA because they can handle our mild winters and offer great cooling during the summers. Since heat pumps operate in the same way as an air conditioner, they can suffer from similar problems. Common repairs that technicians perform on heat pumps are replacing fan belts and compressors, cleaning the heating and condensing coils, and sealing leaks and replacing the refrigerant.

Furnaces: Many older homes have a furnace already installed, usually one that runs on gas or propane, while newer homes may have an electric furnace. Furnaces often require cleaning and unclogging of their air filters, a problem that can threaten to damage the internal mechanisms and will reduce air flow. Furnaces sometimes need repairs to their motors and fan belts. Electric furnaces have multiple heating elements that can break down and require replacement, while gas furnaces can develop leaks or blockages along their gas lines that need professional attention to seal them.

Thermostats: This applies to most systems, since you need a thermostat to communicate with your heater. Thermostats can develop electrical trouble which impedes their ability to control temperature. A faulty thermostat is often the cause behind uneven or insufficient heating, and sometimes can cause the heater to not turn on at all. Common thermostat repairs involve fixing their wiring or upgrading the unit entirely.

Although there are simple steps you can take to solve some of your heating problems—like regularly changing the filters of your furnace or heat pump—most repair needs won’t be diagnosed accurately or done properly unless you bring in an experienced heating repair technician in Fresno. If you start to experience heater malfunctions, call on the Fresno, CA heating repair professionals at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning to get it working for you again.

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