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Do You Need New Rain Gutters?

heavy-rainSummer is almost over. Fall is around the corner. The rainiest part of the year is right ahead.

Now is an excellent time to take a look at the rain gutters of your house and ask yourself if you need to have a new rain gutter installation in Fresno, CA. If you do, then the early fall is the ideal time to call us to arrange for the service. We offer custom continuous rain gutter design and have since we started in business more than 65 years ago. Our trucks are equipped so our experts can cut and size rain gutters to fit your house on the spot.

Signs You Need New Rain Gutters

If you haven’t paid much attention to your home’s rain gutters, we recommend giving them a close examination. Those gutters go through plenty during storms, and time will eventually wear them down. Because the gutters perform such important jobs as channeling rainwater to prevent flooding and keeping damaging rain from running down the sides of your house, you want to ensure they are in good condition. Below are a few signs that your current gutters aren’t.

One: Mildew in lower parts of the house

Keeping rainwater away from the base of a home is important to help prevent the development of mildew and mold from damp environments. If you notice mildew around the foundation of your house, any spot that’s normally dry, then the rain gutters might be letting water seep down into the wrong places.

Two: Wood rot and peeling paint

Another sign of gutters that are letting water spill all over the sides of the house is warped and rotting wood surfaces. These can include windowsills, door jambs, wood trims, and exterior doors. The problem might even start to seep into the house and damage drywall! Water damage like this on the outside of the house is a warning the gutters aren’t doing what they should.

Three: Cracks

Cracks in the gutters are often easy to spot when you do a basic visual inspection. But not all cracks are so obvious. Small cracks may only show themselves when it’s raining. No matter the size of the crack, it’s ruining the point of having gutters in the first place—and small cracks may get larger. You can have a few minor cracks repaired, but if you see multiple ones, it’s best to have entirely new and stronger gutters installed.

Four: Rust

If you have gutters made of galvanized steel, they can start to rust when their protective coating wears off. When you make a visual inspection of your rain gutters, look for spots of orange discoloration, usually at points where the gutters join the house. A rusty gutter needs to be replaced, because it will soon be a leaky gutter.

Five: Sagging

A gutter that starts to sag away from the house is a twofold problem. It won’t be as effective as a gutter, and it can cause damage to the house when it pulls away.

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