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Getting Ready to Turn on Your AC for The First Time This Year

woman-enjoying-lifeOur summer weather can sometimes arrive abruptly during spring. We’ll switch from cloudy and cool weather straight to the big heat. You want to know that the first time you need your air conditioning system for the year that it will turn on and do its job right.

Before you switch on your AC for the hot weather, go over these recommended steps. They’ll help you prepare the air conditioning system and give it a better start to the season.

Check the air vents around the house

The room vents are a part of an HVAC system that’s often overlooked. But if these vents are closed or obstructed in some way, it will create uneven cooling and cause damage to the AC and ducts because of spikes in pressure. Movement of furniture, rugs, and curtains over the winter may have blocked the vents, or someone could’ve shut the vent slats. Make sure all room vents are clear and open.

Replace the air filter with a clean one

The HVAC cabinet has an air filter located where the return air ducts connect to the blower. (In some cases it’s behind the grill of the return air vent.) This filter protects the interior of the cabinet from debris, and it works when either the furnace or AC is running. The filter will have accumulated dust and lint over the winter, especially if it wasn’t changed during that time. We recommend putting in a fresh filter so the AC has a good start to the season. Think of this as letting the AC “breathe” freer.

Check around the condenser

The condenser is the outdoor cabinet of the air conditioner. It houses the compressor, the condenser coils, and the exhaust fan. For the condenser to work efficiently and avoid internal damage, it needs to be clear for about a foot on all sides. Remove branches and leaves, trim back plants, and remove rocks from around the condenser. You can also gently hose down the cabinet if it’s dirty. (Don’t use a high-pressure nozzle to blast water into the unit.)

Check the electrical power

You may have shut down the power switch to the air conditioning system in the fall so it wouldn’t accidentally come on during the winter. Find the switch, which is located under a lid near the condenser, and turn it back on. Also check the circuit for the AC in the electrical panel to make sure that it’s also on.

Arrange for Air Conditioning System Maintenance With Our Professionals

Last step—and the most important one. Schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance tune-up and inspection. Our Ultimate Service Agreement is designed to provide you with the finest maintenance air conditioning service in Fresno, CA each spring. The agreement also takes care of your heating system in fall. This annual maintenance work is essential for reliable air conditioning system performance throughout the year. It also extends the life of the system. Our technicians will handle the deep cleaning and the special inspections you can’t do on your own to ensure you have an AC that’s ready for summer.

“Quality Is the Cornerstone of Our Success” at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. Schedule air conditioning system maintenance today.

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