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Have You Had Your Dryer Vent Cleaned Yet This Year?

Interior of dirty dryer vent

An important service our team offers customers is dryer vent cleaning in Fresno, CA. This is a job we recommend homeowners have done at least once year. Unfortunately, people often forget to schedule this vital cleaning service—and that’s why we’re glad you stopped by this blog for a reminder. Dryer vent cleaning may not sound like it’s as important as other maintenance jobs like heating system maintenance, but as we’ll explain below, the safety benefits alone make it essential!

Reasons to Have Annual Dryer Vent Cleaning

Before you run your dryer, you check the lint trap to make sure it’s clean. This helps the dryer run more efficiently. Think of cleaning the dryer vent as the larger, professional version of cleaning the lint trap.

The dryer vent is located on the back of your dryer: a metal hose that attaches to the outside wall of the house. The vent removes the moist water from the dryer so the dryer can effectively dry out clothing and fabrics. Over time, the dryer vent picks up lint and will eventually become clogged so that professionals need to clean it. Here’s why you need this done each year:

  • To keep the dryer doing its job: If the vent cannot remove water moisture from the items in the dryer, it will take much longer for the dryer to finish a load. You may end up with a load of clothes that’s still damp after running for 45 minutes. In fact, damp clothes in the dryer are often a sign you’re overdue for a vent cleaning.
  • To stop fire hazards: Clogged dryer vents are one of the main causes of house fires in the country. According to the National Fire Prevention Association, fires due to dryer malfunctions account for 17,000 house fires a year and over $236 million in damages—and 34% of those fires were because of dirty dryer vents. The lint inside the vent is highly flammable, and all it takes is too much heat to ignite it. Cleaning the vent each year keeps a house safer from fires.
  • To keep down energy costs: When you have to run your dryer for longer and longer just to get your clothes dry enough, you’ll spend a lot more energy than necessary. With annual dryer vent cleaning, you’ll not only keep down energy bills, you’ll also reduce general wear and tear on the dryer.
  • To prevent mold and pests: The fluffy lint in a dryer vent is attractive to two guests you do not want in your home—mold and pests. Insects and mice will look to make nests in the lint, while birds will try to get through the outdoor flap to retrieve lint to build their own nests. Damp lint is a prime spot for mold to grow, which can lead to foul odors in your house and even harmful mold spores in the air.

Ready to have this important job done? Just call us and we’ll arrange a convenient appointment.

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