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The Heatwave and Your AC—Some Tips

sunshine-imageThe late summer heat in the Central Valley can be brutal. Right now, we’re passing through a heatwave, and that means air conditioning systems are putting in heavy work. We know you only want to schedule air conditioning service in Fresno, CA if you absolutely have to. Nobody wants a failing or busted air conditioning system when the weather is hotter than 90°F! Our HVAC technicians will work fast and diligently when you need us, but you’ll end up with some period of discomfort before the situation is fixed.

We have a few tips to help your air conditioner handle the intense heat. Our experts are here to assist when you have an AC that’s putting your family’s comfort and safety in jeopardy during the August heat.

Maintain a higher thermostat setting

We don’t mean for you to turn on the heat. What we recommend is keeping the thermostat set as high as you find comfortable rather than lowering it to push for “more” cooling. The smaller the gap between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the slower heat moves into your house. Setting the thermostat to 78°F will help you stay comfortable (wear light clothing!) and lower the strain on the AC.

Know what the air conditioning system can achieve

Your AC system can lower the indoor temperature by a maximum of 20°F. Don’t attempt to lower the temperature in the house below this. If it’s 100°F outdoors, pushing the AC lower than 80°F with the thermostat will make the cooling system run and run and run, wearing it down rapidly. Setting the thermostat lower than 72°F may even put the evaporator coil at risk of freezing.

Change the air filter often

The schedule for air filter changes is between one to three months. When the heat ramps up and you have your AC running every day, it’s a good idea to change the filter monthly. If you haven’t changed your filter since the start of summer, please take care of this now—a clogged filter can lead to numerous air conditioner problems when the heat is intense.

Let fans do some of the work

Do you have ceiling fans in your house? Or standing fans and desk fans you use on occasion? Don’t forget to put them to use. Fans don’t lower the temperature air, but they can help people in a space feel around 8°F cooler, and that makes a difference on how much the AC needs to run. You can even create a make-shift evaporative cooler by putting a bowl of ice in front of a fan—instant low-cost cooling!

Never delay repairs if the AC acts strangely

Pay close attention to how your air conditioning system is running during a heatwave. When it begins making strange sounds, shuts off early only to turn back on again a short time later, has trouble evenly cooling the house, or creates acrid burning smells, call us for repairs as soon as you can. Catching troubles early will head off a larger repair or even a full system breakdown.

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