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Why Is My AC Not Blowing Out Any Air?

Spinning-fan-closeupThere are different ways an air conditioning system can stop working. Sometimes the blower will turn on and send air to the room vents, but that air won’t be cool. Or the AC could keep shutting off after only running for a few minutes. But the most alarming problem for a homeowner—because it’s so immediately clear there’s trouble—is when the AC won’t blow out any air at all. Nothing comes out of the room vents, hot, cold, or otherwise.

What’s behind the “no blow air conditioner”? It could be a variety of malfunctions or errors. We’ll look into some possibilities below to help you understand when to call us for air conditioning repair in Fresno, CA or elsewhere in the Central Valley.

ONE: The air conditioning system has no power

A simple explanation for why the air conditioner’s fan isn’t turning on is that the AC has no electrical power. First, make sure you haven’t lost power to the entire home—this can sometimes occur in heat waves when there’s too much stress on the power grid. Next, check to see if any circuit breakers have tripped. The blower fan motor may have overloaded the circuit.

TWO: The thermostat is creating problems

The thermostat may be mis-set, but you probably checked on that first when the AC wouldn’t send out any air. The problem could be a more serious one with the thermostat, where it has lost connection to the air conditioner’s blower fan and can’t turn it on. Check the batteries if the thermostat is solely battery-powered. If this isn’t the trouble, you may need professionals to repair or replace the unit.

THREE: The fan motor burnt out

The fan motor does an enormous amount of work, since it often runs even when the air conditioner isn’t doing any cooling—the circulation of air helps with comfort in the house. If the motor is dusty, hasn’t received lubricant during maintenance, or is old, it can overheat and burn out. This calls for an HVAC technician to put in a new motor.

FOUR: A failed fan motor capacitor

This is a less catastrophic problem with the motor, although it will still need the help of HVAC experts to correct. The capacitor is an electric component that sends voltage to a motor to start it running and keep it running (there are two separate capacitors for this job). Capacitors aren’t permanent; they often have shorter lifespans than the AC. When you hear a clicking noise from the AC cabinet when the fan won’t come on, it may be a failed capacitor.

FIVE: An extremely clogged filter

A congested air filter will lower airflow through the HVAC system, and if it’s completely clogged, it may cut airflow off entirely. Change out the filter for a new one, but you also may want to call in our technicians to see if the clogging has caused damage to internal components; when a filter is that clogged, it will distort and allow dust and debris to escape around it.

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