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Indoor Air Quality Problems during Winter

Spring isn’t the only time when air quality starts to suffer. During the winter, homes are sealed tightly against the outside cold, and this often leads to an increase in the concentration of airborne pollutants inside them.

Air Contamination from Inside the Home

People are accustomed to thinking of pollution as something that occurs outdoors that they often don’t realize how much of it comes from inside the homes themselves. During winter, when little fresh air is allowed into a house, airborne contaminants from building materials, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, hobby materials, and natural gas byproducts will start to increase. This will eventually lead to stale and unhealthy air during the winter. According to the U.S. EPA, indoor air quality during the winter can aggravate asthma and increase the risk of developing respiratory and heart problems.

What You Can Do about This

There are many approaches to improving indoor air quality during winter. To find the right solution for your home’s specific issues, call on HVAC professionals who offer indoor air quality services. An air cleaning system that uses filters combined with air purifiers will remove the high concentration of contaminants in the air. But you must make sure that a professional installs the system. Only an experienced technician will know the right type of filters and purifiers to use. The wrong air cleaning system will not only fail to address the problems with your air, it can also lead to an over-stressed heating system that will drain power and start to suffer from malfunctions.

Also, if you haven’t scheduled professional air duct cleaning for a number of years (or you’ve never had it done) now is a good time to make the arrangements. If the air ducts are filled with dust and other debris, each time you turn on your forced-air heating system the blower will send large amounts of contaminants into your living spaces. Professional cleaning will remove the reservoir of pollutants inside the ducts.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning offers many solutions to indoor air quality problems in Madera, CA.

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