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Is It Too Late to Have Heater Maintenance?


We’re now well into the winter, although recently we’ve experienced a warm weather stretch. Still, you’ve almost certainly had your furnace or other heating system running—and we hope that during the fall you remembered to call us for heating system maintenance in Fresno, CA. Routine maintenance is still the best way to prevent repair problems, drops in heater efficiency, early system replacements, and safety worries. 

However, if you didn’t remember to have maintenance before the winter started (we understand that life gets busy!), please don’t think that you missed a window of opportunity and it’s just too late to have it done now. But it isn’t! There’s no such thing as an expiration date for heating maintenance—the only requirement is that it gets done annually. Call us to sign up for our Ultimate Service Agreement and we’ll see you get on the schedule for a maintenance inspection and tune-up. 

Why It’s Not Too Late

Yes, it’s February, but if you’ve lived in the Central Valley for a few years, you know that cold weather can stretch into April. Your heating system still has plenty of hard work ahead of it, and that kind of strain can create problems for the heater if it hasn’t gotten professional maintenance. And since we’re going through a period of warmer weather, it’s a great time to get technicians to work on the heater since you won’t need to have it running to stay warm. 

But maintenance is about more than the immediate worries of handling a season of cold weather. Maintenance is a long-term investment in your heating system. Look up the estimated service life of your home’s heater. That estimate only applies if the heater is maintained each year. If the heater misses maintenance, the lifespan will start to fall. In fact, neglect of maintenance can mean a heating system that only works for half of its service life estimate before needing a replacement. And an early replacement is one of the most expensive of heating services! 

Another point: maintenance provides peace of mind. Peace of mind that your heating system won’t abruptly give out on you when you need it the most. Peace of mind that you’ll have reliable comfort. Peace of mind that the heater will operate safely. You can’t put a price tag on this kind of tranquillity, and maintenance can make it happen.

Sign Up for the Ultimate Service Agreement

Signing up for our Ultimate Service Agreement provides you not only with heating maintenance but also air conditioning maintenance. The Agreement makes it easier to remember to schedule regular service, because we’ll call with reminders!

You also receive special perks when you sign up:

  • Preferred Customer Status. You get to jump to the front of the line when you need service!
  • Discounts on repairs and upgrades.
  • A 5-year warranty on all repairs made by Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning.

It may be later in the winter, but it’s always the right time to sign up for the Ultimate Service Agreement and get your HVAC system in top shape!

Schedule heating maintenance with Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. Uncompromised Quality & Customer Service Since 1952.

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