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It’s Right in Our Name: We Fabricate Sheet Metal

The majority of our customers come to us for our quality work installing, repairing, and maintaining air conditioners, heaters, and other indoor comfort systems. But these customers are often confused at the name of our company and the “sheet metal” part. The truth is that Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning started out exclusively in the sheet metal business way back in 1952. This is not completely unheard of in the air conditioning world: developing the sheet metal used for ventilation construction often leads to working with the air conditioners that hook up to them.

Sheet metal fabrication is still an important part of our business, and we currently handle the work in a Madera, CA sheet metal fabrication building that covers 24,000 square feet. The technology we use has advanced tremendously since the 1950s, and our cutting-edge computer-controlled tools allow us to produce a high volume of unique products. We handle sheet metal fabrication for different industries and purposes: agricultural products such as irrigation systems and processing ventilation systems; customized roofing to fit any kind of space; hoods for kitchen ranges; and spiral ductwork that has recently gained popularity in both homes and businesses. We also manufacture the sheet metal we use in our new construction installations for heating and air conditioning.

One of the key tools in our sheet metal fabrication building is a computer automated plasma cutting table. We can program into the computer the different shapes and sizes of the pieces we need cut for a project. The plasma table then automatically configures them to make the maximum use of the material and cuts the shape using a plasma torch. A plasma torch is device that blasts out an inert gas through a nozzle at high speed and then changes it into plasma with an electric arc; the resulting plasma can move through metal rapidly for smooth cutting. We also use the plasma table to cut out standardized pieces, such as boots, that we use in new construction.

If you contact us for installation of a heating system, air conditioning, or ductwork, we will take care of all the necessary fabrication for the job. But you can also contact us when your need customized sheet metal in Madera, CA for a specific project. Our years of experience and up-to-date technology make us one of your best resources for sheet metal fabrication in the Central Valley.

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