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Looking for a New Water Heater? Here’s Why You Need Pros

water-heater-tankIn our most recent post, we listed signs that a water heater has reached the end of its service life and it needs a replacement. Now we’re going to move to the next stage: looking at water heaters in Fresno, CA and planning for getting a new one.

Here’s the first step: call us to arrange for water heater service. It’s an easy start, and we’ll make the process of water heater replacement as straightforward as possible. Choosing and installing a water heater is a job for professionals. You can’t do as a DIY experiment, and you can’t trust amateurs with the work either. There are many reasons, but here are some of the key ones.

Gas Water Heaters Must Have Licensed Professionals

If your house has a natural gas line, then a gas-powered water heater is probably the best choice for a new system. Without exception, only licensed professionals should ever handle installing a gas-powered appliance, and that certainly includes water heaters. This is an issue of safety, and most of the time it’s also an issue of legality. Keep you, your family, and your neighborhood safe and go straight to our licensed professionals for the installation.

Water Heater Sizing

Just as with air conditioning and heating systems, water heaters must be sized for a home so they can deliver the volume of hot water necessary from day to day without creating energy waste. This is a tricky job, and if it’s done wrong the only way to correct it is to remove the water heater and replace it—that’s an expensive mistake!

Sizing a water heater requires matching two important criteria of the water heater with the house: the flow rate and the temperature rise. In other words, how much water the water heater can deliver, and how much energy is necessary to raise the incoming water to the desired temperature. The water heater installers must know how much water the household uses, not only daily but during peak use hours, so the water heater is less likely to have its hot water supply depleted early. You may feel tempted to search online to find ways to calculate this yourself, but the chance for error is too high. Since you need professionals to install the water heater itself, have them on the job from the start to choose the water heater.

The Opportunity for Leaks

Any professional who repairs water heaters can tell you horror stories of leaking from a unit that was poorly installed in the first place. Bad soldering at connections is a major culprit behind water leaks, and it’s a mistake that amateurs often make. Even a small slip-up and errors with pipe sizes can ruin the operation of a water heater and threaten a house with damage from water leaks.

You can depend on our water heater installers to do the job fast and right, without taking any shortcuts. We focus on quality, and that is what you’ll receive when you arrange for a water heater replacement with us.

Call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning to schedule water heater services. “Quality Is the Cornerstone of Our Success” since 1952.

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