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Options to Include with a Complete System Replacement

No home’s HVAC system will last forever. Eventually, the heating and air conditioning system will wear down to the point where doing further repairs can be throwing money away. Costly repairs may only keep the system operating for a short time before it’s time for another repair. The system can also drain additional money through inefficient operation. A replacement system gives you a fresh start with an AC and heater that require few repairs and work at peak energy efficiency.

A system replacement also provides you the opportunity to schedule other services to improve overall home comfort, health, and energy savings. Here are a few options to consider when you have a complete HVAC system replacement:

A Thermostat Upgrade

Advanced comfort technology should have advanced comfort control technology to match. To receive the best performance from a new HVAC system, it’s a wise idea to have new thermostats put in, such as Wi-Fi enabled models or “smart” thermostats.

Zone Controls

If you’re tired of having to cool or heat the entire house each time your central AC or heater turns on, making zone control installation a part of your new system can change everything. Zone controls permit you to alter the temperature in different parts of the house without affecting the other parts. No more energy waste from cooling/heating empty rooms! Plus, people in your house will be able to control the temperature in their rooms to suit them.

Air Purifiers/UV Germicidal Lights

To enjoy the best indoor air quality in your home, arrange for air purifiers or UV germicidal lights as parts of the HVAC system. Air purifiers target small pollutants such as chemicals, smoke, and odor molecules. UV lights eliminate organic contaminants and prevent mold from forming on the air conditioning system’s coils.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning serves Kerman, CA and the entire Central Valley. We are currently offering 30% off air purifier or UV lights with a complete system replacement.

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