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Ways Faulty Ductwork Can Affect Air Conditioning

Not all the trouble that can plague an air conditioning system comes from inside the AC cabinets. Often, a faulty thermostat can cause a cooling system to work incorrectly. Another common source of air conditioner problems are faults in the ductwork connected to it, such as air leaks and breaks.

It is often difficult to tell the source of a malfunction in an AC if you are not a trained technician. Don’t attempt to guess at what has gone wrong when your air conditioner starts to lose its cooling ability, generate strange noises, or show other signs of working incorrectly. Call on HVAC experts to look into the problem, locate the source, and fix it.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning has served the Central Valley since 1952. If your air conditioning system is suffering from problems due to faulty ductwork, you can trust to our team to handle the necessary repairs and duct sealing to restore your cooling.

How Faulty Ductwork Impairs an Air Conditioning System

Well-designed ventilation systems are airtight. This prevents loss of air pressure as the conditioned air from the AC moves toward the vents. Even a small leak along the ductwork can cause a drop in air pressure that will lower the airflow from the vents and lead to a loss of cooling in the rooms.

As an air conditioner loses air pressure because of faulty ducts, it will also start to work harder in order to maintain its target temperature. This places extra strain on the system, which increases the chances of it malfunctioning. The increased stress level on the mechanical components will also make the air conditioning system age faster and possibly need premature replacement.

Breaks along ducts often permit outside contaminants into the ventilation system, and subsequently into the AC. Even if this extra dust and dirt gets caught in the system’s air filter, the filter will rapidly clog up to the point that it will cause a large increase in the strain on the air conditioner. Clogged filters may also lead to ice developing along the indoor evaporator coil.

Call Us for Ductwork Sealing

When you suspect that your air conditioning system is suffering due to leaks in the ductwork, contact Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning to schedule AC service in Fresno, CA. All of our technicians are NATE and EPA-certified, and they are on call 7 days a week for your convenience.

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