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Why Duct Sealing Helps Protect Your Heating System

Your duct system is attached to a centralized HVAC system and acts to move conditioned air throughout your home. Braches can sometimes develop in the ducts along the fitting of different sections, which can prove very costly to your system. Here in Madera, duct cleaning services can seal duct breaches for you, restoring your system to its optimum efficiency. But how beneficial is that?

Here’s why duct sealing helps protect your heating system:

Theoretically, the duct system should be completely self-contained in order to keep the conditioned air at its current temperature. When a breach occurs, one of two things will happen: outside air will get in or inside air will get out. In both cases, it will affect the conditioned air: making it warmer or cooler than you want it to be. That forces the HVAC unit to work harder to make up the difference, creating greater strain on the system and forcing your heater or air conditioner to spend more energy to do the same job.

Furthermore, a breach can also result in dust and debris getting into the system. Because of the nature of ducts, that dust will quickly spread to every corner of your home. That will lower the quality of the air and may exacerbate allergies in sensitive family members. In the worst cases, it might even create blockages in the ducts, reducing the flow of air.

Sealing the ducts can correct those issues. A trained professional will examine the ducts and either reconnect it or use a high-end patch to ensure that the leak is sealed. That maintains the integrity of the conditioned air and ensures that your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work any harder than necessary to get you the comfortable home that you need. It also keeps the quality of your indoor air high, reducing the risk of allergic attack and keeping your household cleaner. For more on why duct sealing helps protect your heating system, or to schedule a duct cleaning in Madera, contact the experts at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We’ll make sure the problem is fixed the first time, every time!

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