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Yes, Even Your Ductless Heating System May Need Repair

Ductless heating systems are designed to eliminate the cumbersome system of hidden passages that deliver heated air from a central furnace to all of the rooms of your house. They usually consist of a number of smaller units that individually heat different sections of your home. Ductless systems offer a lot of advantages, such as increase efficiency and the ability to tailor the temperature in different parts of your home. And here in Fresno, heating repair services see a lot of them, since they work very well in mild climates like ours. Sadly, no system is foolproof and those repair experts are sometimes necessary to handle problems. Yes, even your ductless heating system may need repair.

Many ductless heating systems also serve a dual function as air conditioners: heat pumps pull double duty by making innovative use of the same refrigerant cycle that helps AC units do what they do. When leaks spring up in the system, the lower levels of refrigerant can create big problems, reducing efficiency and increasing wear and tear on the systems. You need a repairman to hunt down the leaks and recharge the refrigerant before the system will function again.

Ductless heaters often use fan blowers and similar methods to distribute warm air. The motors running those blowers can become worn or damaged, creating problems with distributing the heat. Problems with electrical connections can interfere with the ductless heater’s ability to function as well, and usually requires professional expertise in order to treat properly.

Other problems of this sort can crop up, ranging from an excessive build-up of dust to clogs in the drain line. The good news is that ductless systems are compartmentalized, so repairing it doesn’t necessarily mean surrendering heat in your entire house. And Fresno heating repair services are ready to help regardless. Here at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning, we have the experiences and know-how to handle repairs for your ductless heating system. Yes, even your dustless heating system may need repair. But if you give our Fresno heating repair service technicians a call today, we’ll show you just how reliable a repair service can be.

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