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AC Repair Checklist: What NOT to Do

We talk a lot about what you’re supposed to do as a homeowner for your air conditioner—but we rarely ever talk about what you shouldn’t do. These guides can be helpful because they steer the more DIY savvy homeowner from making a serious mistake that could cost them in expensive repairs. That’s exactly what could result from trying to work on your own air conditioner!

The truth is that homeowners are always looking for excuses not to call professionals for air conditioning in Fresno, CA. We understand the sentiment, it’s not bad to want to learn and work on your own home equipment. But just like a car, or going to the doctor’s, sometimes you should leave the heavy machinery to the professionals who really know what they’re doing.

Want to know what you should never do to your AC? Keep reading!

What’s at Stake

The reason why we care so much about steering you away from these problematic practices, is because there’s just too much on the line. First of all, you could void your warranty if you start opening up panels and digging into your air conditioner. Secondly, some components are extremely delicate and when jostled just a tiny bit, could require replacement or repairs that add up. These quickly become expensive and they’re just not worth the small reward you’d get otherwise. Paying for professional service is often the cheapest way out of a conundrum like this.

Don’t Open the System

Air conditioners contain many hazardous materials that are not only unsafe to handle in untrained hands, but when handled the wrong way they can fall apart. Take your compressor for instance, it’s the heart of your air conditioner and a piece of delicate machinery. By opening it up, who knows what kind of damage might follow. It doesn’t matter what a video online says or what your family member told you, every air conditioner is different and opening it up without an HVAC license is an easy way to cause more damage and expensive repairs.

Don’t Mess Around with Wires

HVAC technicians are specifically trained in handling the electrical output and input of your system. They’re not normal electricians, but they know a fair share of information about the electrical wires and panels inside your air conditioner. Try to remember what everyone learned in grade school—don’t touch electrical systems unless you’re a professional. These systems can be hazardous and delicate.

Don’t Patch Up Anything

So, let’s say your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant. All you need to do is locate the leak and patch it up right? Easy-peasy!

Nope! First of all, refrigerant in its gaseous form is dangerous to consume and can be detrimental to your health. It’s generally advised that homeowners stay well away from it. Also, professional HVAC technicians must use special materials to patch refrigerant lines, and sometimes that patchwork won’t be enough. In those cases, we’ll need to discuss other options like replacing your system for the future. Seriously, it’s never as easy as “patching up a leak.”

Make sure to give the team at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning a call for your AC repairs.

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