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Benefits of Having a Heat Pump Combined With Solar Energy


A heat pump is a type of HVAC system that uses the same refrigerant-based operation as a central air conditioner, except it can reverse the direction it operates so that it can work to heat a home as well as cool it. Using a heat pump can help a home save money on its heating costs, since it consumes less energy to move heat rather than generate it the way a furnace does.

No other type of air-source heat pump provides as many benefits as one combined with solar power. With a solar-powered heat pump installed in your home, you’ll have your year-round comfort needs taken care of with one system that runs primarily from the free and renewable energy of the sun.

If you’re interested in installing a heat pump in Fresno, CA, here are some of the excellent benefits of using a solar-powered one:

Reduction in heating costs

The most common way people heat their homes in the Central Valley is with furnaces, most of which run from either natural gas or electricity. A heat pump is an electric device, but even without the benefit of solar energy, it consumes less power than a furnace. When using solar energy to power the heat pump, you’ll save even more. Essentially, once you’ve paid for the installation of solar panels and the heat pump components, you won’t have to pay much of anything else—your monthly heating costs will be tiny. So even though it costs more to invest in a solar heat pump, it will rapidly pay back its installation price and then keep saving you money.

Lower cooling bills as well

Heat pumps work at the same energy efficiency as conventional air conditioners, so changing to a heat pump from an AC won’t make a major difference in the cost to cool your house. Installing a solar heat pump is a different story! You’ll use your heat pump during the summer, when there’s plenty of sunshine to power the system and you won’t have to rely on any backup energy.

Protection from energy cost inflation

When you invest in a solar-powered heat pump, you also free yourself from worries about future spikes in energy costs. The price of natural gas and electricity constantly fluctuates, but the cost of energy from the sun never changes—it’s free and won’t run out. You can predict your heating and cooling costs without worrying about future shifts.

Better for the environment

Natural gas furnaces run off of fossil fuel. A solar heat pump uses renewable energy and doesn’t create any harmful emissions. Plus, a solar heat pump is relying on electricity from the grid, which means it doesn’t require the electricity from power plants that use coal or natural gas to generate power. A solar heat pump lowers your overall reliance on fossil fuels, lowers your carbon footprint, and reduces airborne emissions. 

Take advantage of state incentives and rebates

You may qualify for incentives and rebates from the state of California if you install solar-powered equipment. Ask our team about the various programs you may be eligible for.

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