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Benefits to Upgrading to a High Efficiency HVAC System

checkmark-greenAs spring approaches, it’s a great time to give some thought to making an upgrade to your old HVAC system. If your heating and air conditioning system is more than 15 years old, or it has started to require more repairs while running up steeper utility bills, this is probably the year to have the system replaced—and with one that’s more efficient than your old system was even when it was new.

Because of advances in heating and air conditioning technology, almost any system you have professionally installed will perform at better energy efficiency. But we recommend you look into a special high efficiency system for your HVAC in Fresno, CA. These systems cost more to install, but the benefits are tremendous and the extra costs will soon be paid back.

The Top Benefits of Going with a High Efficiency HVAC System

  • Save money: This is, naturally, the major advantage of using a heating and air conditioning system that draws on less power while delivering comfort. A high efficiency furnace can have an AFUE of greater than 95%, which means only 5% of the fuel it uses goes to waste. Older furnaces usually have AFUE or round 85%—or even as low as 60%. High efficiency air conditioning systems can have SEER above 20, compared to SEER of 15 for older units. Expect your energy savings to help pay for the new system in only a few years.
  • More even heating and cooling: High efficiency systems use variable-speed blower fans along with multi-stage compressors and burners. This allows the HVAC system to better modulate temperatures so parts of the home don’t get too stuffy or too cold. The spread of comfort is more even around the rooms.
  • Quieter operation: The blower fan is the loudest part of an HVAC system. A multi-speed blower will run at lower capacity 60% of the time, resulting in quieter performance and a more peaceful indoors.
  • Extended service life: High-efficiency systems do not go through much stop-and-start operation because they instead ramp up and down between stages. This places less stress on components and reduces the wear that leads to other systems needing to be replaced earlier.
  • Easier zoning: Are you interested in having zone control heating and cooling for your house? High-efficiency systems are ideal for zone control and programmable thermostats because they can alter the capacity at which they run, rather than being either on or off. With zone control, you can reduce your energy use even further and lower those bills.
  • Better for the environment: Any HVAC system that needs to consume less energy to run over its life doesn’t just help your bank account—it helps the environment as well.

It’s essential to work with HVAC professionals for any new system installation. We’ll help you pick the right new combination of AC and furnace that will deliver all these above benefits. Talk to us today and we’ll arrange for a great new HVAC system installation and upgrade for the spring.

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