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Consider a Two-Stage or Variable Speed System for Your HVAC Installation

Fall is the time of year when homeowners often arrange to have new HVAC systems put in. The stretch between the heat of summer and the cold of winter is a convenient one for a new comfort system installation. This time of year can be easier for you to schedule the work.

We recommend that you look into a two-speed or other variable-speed HVAC system for your next installation. The standard air handler in an HVAC system has a single-speed motor driving its fan: this means the motor is either running or it isn’t. But a variable-speed fan can operate in high and low capacities, automatically changing between them according to the comfort needs of the house.

Why Is a Two-Stage or Variable Speed System Beneficial?

At first the idea of a fan that can run at different speeds may not seem like it will have that much effect in your home. But there are some important advantages to this type of system compared with a conventional single-speed system:

  • Higher energy efficiency: Because a variable-speed motor doesn’t have to run at peak level whenever it turns on, the motor uses less power. In fact, most variable speed systems will run at lower capacity the majority of the time they’re operating—and that will mean a noticeable drop in your energy bills.
  • More even comfort distribution: The changes in fan speed means your home won’t get either too cold or too hot in places.
  • Better for zone control: If you’re planning for a zone control installation in your house, a variable-speed system is an excellent match and will help you reduce your utility bills even further.
  • Improved air quality: Yes, variable-speed systems can even help with your home’s air quality! The fan will continue to slowly circulate air even when you don’t require high levels of heating and cooling, and this allows the filters to trap more contaminants.

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