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Does a Tankless Water Heater Need Maintenance?


One of the big benefits of having a tankless water heater instead of a standard storage tank water heater is that a tankless water heater can last longer and require fewer repairs during its extended service life. This is because tankless systems have reduced stress from the lack of a tank and only expend energy when there’s demand for water rather than the steady energy use of tank water heaters.

Unfortunately, these benefits can sometimes lead homeowners into believing that a tankless water heater requires less maintenance. “It shouldn’t need maintenance every year. Maybe every other. Or even only every three years.” But this is absolutely not true! Tankless water heaters are precision devices that require expert regular care to make sure they stay precise. If you want to avoid water heater repair as well as an early replacement for your tankless water heater in Fresno, CA, don’t forget to schedule maintenance for it each year with our trained professionals.

Gas-Powered Systems Must Have Annual Inspections

Let’s start with one of the big reasons to have routine maintenance for a tankless water heater: the safety of your household. Although there are some electric-powered tankless water heater models, most run from natural gas. Any natural gas-powered heating system requires routine inspections to ensure that it operates safely. During a maintenance inspection, our technicians examine the gas lines, test the gas pressure, and look over the heat exchanger to see if there are signs of corrosion or developing cracks. You’ll feel much better each year knowing that your water heater has undergone its yearly safety inspection.

The Limescale and Sediment Problems

A tankless water heater works by moving water through an inlet that then passes around the heat exchanger where the hot combustion gas is held. The heated water then passes through an outlet and into the hot water lines to the tap making the hot water request. The inlet and outlet of the system can pick up limescale and sediment found in the freshwater. This is especially common if the house has hard water. This will start to create blockage to the water flow and force the system to work harder. It may eventually cause the water heater to fail entirely. Regular maintenance takes care of removing any build-up that can interfere with the water heater’s performance.

Other Important Maintenance Needs

There are many other checks our technicians have to make on a tankless water heater. We must check for potential leaks in the lines and see that the flow detector is working (this is the part that activates the water heater to begin heating when there’s a demand for hot water). We’ll check the electrical connections in the control board. Altogether, we’ll see that your water heater is in the best shape possible to keep your house in hot water for many years and help you save money with the water heater’s energy-efficient performance.

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