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Ducts or No Ducts: Your Heating Installation Options

Heating installation in Madera can entail a number of different systems, from traditional gas furnaces to heat pumps and ductless mini-split systems. Your heating installation options can vary quite a bit, but generally revolve around one basic question: ducts or no ducts. Both offer advantages, and the question of which one works best for you depends on the specifics of your home.

Most people are familiar with ducted systems and many homes come equipped with them as well. They branch out from a centralized HVAC system, through the crawlspace in the walls and other unobtrusive areas like the attic. That allows them to carry air from the HVAC system to any part of the house. They do their jobs well and if your house already comes equipped with them, then it makes sense to use them. On the other hand they’re not the most efficient means of conveying heat. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you could lose up to 20% of you heating capacity through your ducts, and if you need to install them as part of adding a new heating system, you lose the inexpensive start-up cost that serves as one of the great advantages of such a system.

Ductless systems usually rely on multiple units placed throughout your home, allowing you to tailor the heat in individual rooms to match your tastes. They also allow you to only heat those parts of the house that you’re using, cutting down on energy costs in the process. Indeed, ductless heating tends to be more efficient than ducted system in general, saving you money on heating every month. The only real down side is that installation tend to cost more, and then only if your house already has an existing system of ducts.

Based on that, you need to evaluate the state of your current furnace system, then make a decision after going over your heating installation options with a trained professional. Heating installation service in Madera, CA is covered by the experts at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We’ve served the Central Valley for over 60 years, and can help you decide between ducts or no ducts. Pick up the phone and call us today!

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