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Godzilla (El Niño) May Be Coming! Time to Install Rain Gutters for Your Home

You may have heard news about the possible upcoming El Niño event, one so enormous that NASA climatologist Bill Patzert dubbed it “the Godzilla El Niño”: a destructive force that rises from the sea and smashes onto shore. This could be the largest El Niño since record-keeping started in 1950, far more powerful than the 1997–98 one responsible for extensive flooding and mudslides in California.

How can you prepare your home for the potential record rainfall levels this winter due to El Niño? One important way is to have new rain gutters installed or your old ones replaced. When heavy rains start to fall for days at a time, gutters are invaluable at removing rain from the sides of a house to protect it from damage and to channel the water away. If your house doesn’t have rain gutters, or your current gutters are old and decrepit—not ready to stand up to a Godzilla rainstorm—then call us for rain gutter installation.

Why rain gutters are helpful in heavy rainfall

Rain gutters keep the water that rolls down the roof of a house away from the sidings and guides the water down into a drainage system. This protects the house and property in a number of important ways: it prevents wood rot, stops heavy soil erosion that can ruin yards and gardens, and keeps water from flooding the lower parts of a house, such as the crawlspace. Without gutters, heavy rain can even inflict damage to the foundation of a home.

Contact us for custom rain gutters

We started business in 1952 as a sheet metal fabrication shop in Madera, and we still specialize in creating custom sheet metal to serve numerous commercial and residential needs. One of these needs is designing rain gutters for homes. Our technicians can cut new gutters to fit your house’s specifications. We offer gutters in a wide range of colors to match your home’s exterior and not detract from its appearance.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning offers rain gutter installation and replacement in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas.

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