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The Advantages of Custom Ductwork for New Home Construction

If you are planning new home construction, or you are expanding your current home with add-on rooms, you should consider working with HVAC professionals who can provide you with custom-designed ductwork. A ventilation system that is designed specifically to match your new or existing home offers a number of significant advantages over one constructed from off-the-shelf duct parts.

Reasons to have custom ductwork for your new home or construction project

  • Better efficiency: Poor-quality ductwork in homes is one of the main reasons that heating and cooling systems turn into energy-wasters. These inferior, often hastily installed ducts can contain unnecessary turns and bends that create air resistance, locations where joints and connections can easily loosen, and long stretches that expose the ducts to excess outside heat and cold. But with ducts manufactured specifically for your new home design, you won’t suffer from these problems—and your HVAC system will perform at peak energy efficiency.
  • Improved comfort: Along with better efficiency for your heating and air conditioning systems, custom ductwork allows conditioned air to flow easier to the rooms. The professional designers will make sure that the ductwork is laid out so your house enjoys even distribution of temperatures and an end to annoying hot and cold fluctuations between rooms.
  • Ideally fit to the space: Standard duct pieces are often too large or too small to fit the needs of a building project. Constructing a new home is easier when you have the ductwork that perfectly matches the available space.
  • Long-lasting: Ductwork often needs to have repairs after only a few years due to the stresses placed on it. With custom ducts that optimize performance in all areas, you’ll have a ventilation system that will require few repairs and should last for as long as you live in your new home.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning offers high quality new construction HVAC services in Fresno, CA. We can also provide custom sheet metal fabrication for rain gutters, range hoods, and stainless steel countertops. Call us when you are planning new home construction in the area.

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