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How Has Your AC Held Up This Summer?


Did you remember to have AC maintenance in Fresno, CA in the spring? If you did, then you gave your air conditioning system the best beginning to the summer. (If you didn’t … it’s not too late to schedule it!) But as wonderful as maintenance is, it can’t prevent all air conditioning problems or stop an AC from eventually wearing down.

As we move toward the fall, we recommend you think about your air conditioner’s performance over this last summer, especially if the system is more than 10 years old. If your air conditioning system is showing signs it needs repairs or it’s ready for retirement, have the service done as soon as possible. (Fall is a good time to replace older air conditioners because HVAC technicians have more open schedules.)

Let’s go through a few basic air conditioning considerations to see how well your cooling system held up.

How old is the air conditioner?

The average air conditioning system can last from 10 to 15 years. Maintenance will often get an AC to the 15-year mark. Older than 15 years is a risky spot for an air conditioner: this is when age will start to catch up with it and parts will wear down fast to the point that repairs become too frequent and expensive. We recommend scheduling a replacement if the system is over 15, and to watch carefully for warning signs of problems if it’s over 10.

Was your home cooling even and regular?

Just because an air conditioning system turns on and cool air blows from the vents doesn’t mean it’s operating at its best. An air conditioner is supposed to cool your whole house and do so reliably. If you’ve started to notice rooms in your house feel hotter than they once were, or you need to run the air conditioner for longer to get your standard level of cooling, the AC either needs repairs or needs to be replaced.

Did you need to have the AC repaired recently?

A single air conditioning repair isn’t something to worry much about. Many ACs need one repair during their service lives. But if repairs have started to become a pattern for an air conditioner, then you need to assess if the system is aging close to its replacement. Also consider the cost of the repairs: if they’re adding up to the point where they’re more than 50% of the cost of getting a new air conditioner, the repairs aren’t worth it.

Has the air conditioner displayed odd signs, like new noises?

Out-of-the-ordinary behavior from the air conditioner over this last summer can include an increase in the noise it makes, the appearance of strange, new noises, odd odors from the vents, or the AC turning on and off more frequently. These can point toward a repair need, but for an older system they often indicate that it’s too old.

You don’t have to worry about making the choice to install a new air conditioning system on your own. Trust our experts to provide you with honest advice.

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