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How to Keep Your Energy Bills Low this Upcoming Heating Season

In Fresno, CA, heating becomes less of an issue than it might be in colder parts of the country. Our California sunshine keeps the winters very mild, and while temperatures may dip below freezing on the coldest nights of the year, our heating bills are fairly tame when considering other communities further east. Even so, no one likes to pay more than they need to for reliable heating. Here’s a few tips on how to keep your energy bills low this upcoming heating season.

  • Common sense steps. Saving money in the winter starts with a few simple options. Turn your thermostat down a few degrees during the winter months. You won’t feel much difference in January if the temperature is 68 degrees instead of 72. Open curtains to any windows facing the sun, which will warm the nearby area. Seal doors and windows to prevent air from leaking out and dress warmly while inside as an alternative to running the heater.
  • Check your ducts and let a professional take a look at your furnace. You lose a great deal of warm air when your ducts aren’t properly fitted or have sprung a leak. A professional can spot any points of trouble and seal the leak, allowing the warm air to pass through your home more efficiently. Similarly, a regular maintenance call from a qualified professional can keep your furnace running at its best and eliminate any small problems before they grow into large ones.
  • Consider upgrades. While installing a new furnace may be beyond your current financial status, you can still take steps to improve the efficiency of your heating system and cut down on costs. For instance, consider adding insulation to uncovered ductwork in your house. Or, if you sometimes forget to turn your thermostat off when you go to work, think about adding a “smart” thermostat that lowers the temperature automatically.

Whatever your situation, you’d probably be very happy with a lower heating bill. The professionals at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning work throughout Fresno; heating systems are a part of our repertoire and our skilled heating professionals can handle both repair issues and installation of new components. Call us today to see how to keep your energy bills low this upcoming heating season.

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