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How a Wireless “Tstat” Can Help You Save Energy and Money

The technology behind climate control continues to improve each year. The top of the line thermostats today are advanced to a level where they’re essentially A.I. computers capable of handling home comfort on their own and maximizing energy use. The wireless or Wi-Fi thermostat is one of these fantastic advances in thermostat technology. This type of thermostat contains numerous features, such as “smart” programming and remote access.

You may be interested in wireless thermostats in Fresno, CA or elsewhere in the Central Valley as a way of boosting your household HVAC system. What are the advantages of going with a wireless “Tstat”? Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest ones.

The Benefits of Wireless Thermostats

  • Precision: Even making the simple switch from a manual thermostat to a no-frills digital thermostat improves the precision of the temperature settings. You won’t have an indoor climate that’s always a few degrees off, or waste money because of it.
  • Ease of placement: Wireless thermostats can be installed almost anywhere in a home because they communicate without wires to the comfort system. This makes it easy to put the thermostat in an ideal location where it won’t pick up false readings that create energy waste, such as near a window or in direct sunlight.
  • Better control: A wireless thermostat provides the same level of control a programmable digital thermostat does, which helps to save money. But a wireless thermostat goes a few steps farther: it can be controlled remotely! You can access the thermostat from wherever you are using an app on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. You never need to worry again about leaving the heating or cooling on when you’re away from home.
  • Receive energy-saving reports: A smart wireless thermostat provides you with regular reports on how the HVAC system consumes energy. This helps you plan your energy use and understand when usage will increase.
  • Alerts: You can set a Wi-Fi thermostat to give you alerts if your home becomes too hot or too cold—and you’ll receive the alerts remotely so you can act on them even if you’re away from home. The wireless thermostat tells you if you’re wasting money so you can stop it.

An Important Caution About New Thermostats!

Here’s an unfortunate situation that often happens to overeager homeowners who rush into getting a new wireless thermostat. They see an inexpensive thermostat advertised online and then impulse purchase it. Next they either try to install the thermostat themselves or call a professional HVAC company to ask them to do the installation.

The problem here is that a new thermostat may be incompatible with an older HVAC system. The most advanced thermostats have computer algorithms in them that can actually damage the current HVAC system and will void the warranty. Don’t take these kinds of chances. If you want to upgrade your thermostat, call the professionals first and let them assist you with finding a new model that will work with your system, or help you upgrade the system for the best climate control possible.

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