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Is It Time to Replace My Heat Pump?

If a heat pump receives regular maintenance from professionals, as well as skilled repairs when necessary, it should continue to keep a home warm during the winter and cool during the summer for many years. But no mechanical appliance can operate forever, and with the amount of work that a heat pump does around the year in California, it will eventually wear down to the point that it should be replaced.

If you suspect that you need to retire your home’s heat pump in Madera, CA, call up Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. We provide excellent service for heat pumps, including repairs, maintenance, and new installation.

Below are some of the ways to tell that you should call us regarding heat pump replacement:

  • Rising energy costs: A sudden increase in electrical bills during periods when a heat pump is running is usually a warning that the system has a fault somewhere in it that is causing it to drain additional power. Targeted repairs will usually fix such problems. But if the rise in the bills is more gradual and it does not decrease due to repairs or maintenance, it often means the system is too old to work efficiently any more. Heating technicians can look into the unit and determine if replacing it is the best route or not.
  • An increase in repair jobs: Approximately 85% of the repairs that a heat pump or other heating system may need occur during the last two years of its service life. When you find yourself calling for repairs more than once or twice during a year, it’s time to think about retiring the heat pump. As a good rule of thumb, if a repair would cost half or more of the price to replace the heat pump, it is more economical to have a new unit put in rather than to continue with repairs.
  • Continual noisy operation: Loud noises from a heat pump are a strong sign that the mechanical components have worn down to the point that the system is no longer worth keeping. Heating technicians can investigate the heat pump to see if replacing some of the components will help, or if the heat pump is simply too old for further repairs to do much good.

Call the heating professionals at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning.  We will send one of our service technicians to your home to diagnosis the heat pump to find any possible problems.   We can give you an estimate for repairs or replacing the unit. Whether you need repairs or new installation for your heat pump in Madera, CA, you can count on our decades of experience to deliver the highest quality work.

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