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Rains Mean More Pollen! We’ll Help Protect your Indoor Air Quality

woman-with-allergiesIt’s been raining this week and last week in Fresno, CA. This rainfall is very welcome, since we’ve been going through a drought and rain brings relief for farmers. But there’s a downside—and we don’t mean having an outdoor touch football game being rained out. Spring rains cause the pollen count to rise, and this can be terrible for allergies. Watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, and all types of allergy irritations occur because there’s too much pollen drifting in the air.

One of our jobs here at Purl’s Sheet Metal is to help locals improve their indoor air quality. We have solutions to keep control of the pollen count and other allergens inside your house.

Why rain raises the pollen count and increases allergies

At first, it might seem strange that rain would make allergies worse. Rain dampens everything, and it makes sense it would also dampen pollen and other airborne pollutants. And in some cases, this is what happens. But in spring, the story is different.

First, spring rain encourages the growth and blooming of flowers. When it rains and a warm spell follows, the pollen count will shoot up as flowers bloom.

Second, there are clumps of pollen all along the ground, which is where you’d like them to stay rather than hover in the air where you can inhale them. Raindrops break up these clumps, and when the rain is over, the smaller pollen particles float freely into the air. This is especially prominent after a short, intense rainfall.

Third, rains increase a number of other allergens aside from pollen. Mold thrives when conditions are damp, and mold releases allergy-triggering spores. Dust mites are also more common after rain. If you have grass allergies, the new grass growth from the rainy season won’t do you much good either.

How we can help boost your indoor air quality

There’s not much we can do about the air outside your home: you’ll need to find allergy medications to help deal with serious allergy reactions when you’re outdoors. But we can give you excellent help for controlling conditions inside. Our indoor air quality specialists know what products and services will improve allergy conditions in your home:

  • Air filters: This is a simple but often effective way to remove pollen and dust mites from circulating through the air. It traps pet dander as well.
  • Air purifiers: Electronic air purifiers can handle allergens that may slip through air filters. The right combination of filters and purifiers can remove most airborne contaminants.
  • UV air purifiers: If you have trouble with mold spores and other organic allergens, the ultraviolet radiation of a UV air purifier is an excellent option.
  • Duct sealing: Air leaks in ducts cause many problems—and lowering indoor air quality by bringing in allergens from closed-off parts of the house is one of them.

Make sure you call us to protect your indoor air quality in Fresno, CA. We’ll find out what you need to enjoy the best home air quality.

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