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Rainy Season: Time to Think about Your Home’s Rain Gutters

The rainy season is coming up, and if your home doesn’t have rain gutters—or its old gutters are falling apart and leaking—now is a good idea to call up professionals for rain gutter service. Along with our heating and cooling services for homes, we also offer service to install and repair rain gutters. Our trucks are equipped so that our technicians can fabricate new seamless gutters on the spot to custom fit your home.

The Job of Rain Gutters

What makes a good set of rain gutters so important?  There are a number of jobs that these gutters do for a home and property as they channel rainwater:

  • Gutters funnel the rainfall away from the sides of a house to prevent flooding. Rain that travels down the outside walls of a building can easily get into windows, the tops and sides of doors, and into the lower floors. The worst case scenario is when water starts to get under the house and create damage to the foundation.
  • Gutters protect a home from water damage by removing falling water away from the sides house. You can often tell a house without rain gutters with only a glance: you’ll see ugly streaks and staining down the exterior walls from running water. A house with rain gutters is a cleaner, nicer looking house!
  • Gutters stop soil erosion and soil expansion/contraction, which is another way to protect a home’s foundation.
  • Gutters can help your plants as well, since they stop heavy water run-off that can lead to major damage to gardens.

Call us and you can talk to one of our rain gutter professionals for a free estimate. We fabricate our own gutters on site and will see that you have a perfect installation of rain gutters for your home.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning manufactures, installs, and repairs rain gutters. Contact us for service in Bass Lake or elsewhere in the Central Valley.

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