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Should You Replace the Heater and AC at the Same Time?

furnace-oldWhen you move into a new home, usually the AC and the furnace were installed at the same time—and usually they’ll need to be replaced at the same time as well. In other cases, either the AC or furnace will run down before the other (air conditioning systems in general don’t last as long as either gas or electric furnaces), and you’ll arrange to have the older unit replaced.

However, there’s a third possibility. What if one of the two comfort systems needs a replacement, and you decide to replace both, even though the other system is still in good working order?

This isn’t an outlandish idea. Homeowners often make this choice on the advice of professional HVAC installers and enjoy benefits from it. It isn’t automatically the right choice, but it’s something to consider.

The Age of the Two Systems

The first thing to consider when it comes to replacing a heating or air conditioning system is the equipment age. ACs can last between 10–15 years, and gas furnaces can usually make it past 15 years. If the two systems are only a few years apart, then replacing both at the same time is a more attractive option.

Example: You have a furnace that’s 16 years old, and an AC that’s 13. The AC shows signs it’s starting to fail, and you want to replace it. Even though the furnace is still working, it’s a good idea to replace it along with the AC. The furnace will need to be replaced in a few years anyway, and replacing it now prevents you from running into a major heating failure or a furnace that starts wasting money. But there are other reasons to schedule a simultaneous replacement …

Matching Systems Work Better

Mixing old and new HVAC technology can present problems. You can end up with a mismatched system, which won’t work as efficiently or effectively as it should. Staying with the example above, if you want to put in a high efficiency air conditioning system to replace the old AC, it may not work well with a furnace that’s a decade and a half older than it. The efficiency of both may decline, and you’ll end up paying more for both heating and cooling in your house. Matching systems are more likely to improve efficiency and performance.

Easier, Less Costly Installation

Arranging to have a new AC and heater put in at the same time is also a less costly job, and you’ll save time. Both systems will be under warranty, making it easy to schedule repairs.

Better Comfort Controls

In general, it’s best to have a new thermostat put in only when a new system is installed. If you are looking to upgrade to better thermostat technology, this may not be possible if you’re replacing only the heater or only the AC. With a complete new installation, you can have the exact type of thermostat to get the most from your HVAC system.

To schedule AC and/or heater service in Fresno, CA, make an appointment with our professionals. We can guide you about the choice to replace one or both.

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