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Some Things to Consider for a New Air Conditioning Installation

This is one of the best times of the year to have a new air conditioning system installed in your home: not only is there a great promotion to help you save money (see below), but it’s also an ideal season to prepare your house for the coming heat of summer. Our technicians will have an easy time scheduling your installation so you can start enjoying superior comfort and energy savings as soon as possible.

There are some options you may wish to consider for your new air conditioning system installation. Here are a few:

Zone control

A zone control system allows you to have better control over how the air conditioning system cools down your house. Your central AC doesn’t need to send cool air to every room connected to the ventilation system: zone control lets you shut off cooling to different regions of the house. This helps you save money and also provides people in your household with individual control over the temperature via local thermostats. Installing zone control is a straightforward task for technicians when scheduled as part new system installation.

An upgraded thermostat

How long have you had the same thermostat in place? It’s time to switch to the best in new climate control technology, such as a “smart” thermostat. These thermostats have Wi-Fi connections allowing you to operate them from almost anywhere using an app on a phone or computer. And the “smart” part is an even better feature: the thermostat learns from your history of settings, and then develops a program to maximize energy savings.

UV germicidal lights

This is an indoor air quality improvement that also benefits air conditioning systems. These lights are aimed at the evaporator coil of the air conditioner and the ultraviolet radiation kills the mold that often starts to develop over the coil. Mold is not only an air quality hazard, it will make an air conditioning system less efficient because it blocks the evaporator coil.

Call our team of professionals to find out more about your many options when it comes to new air conditioning installation.

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