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The Advantage of a Two-Stage Furnace

Are you considering installing a new furnace during fall in time for winter? If you are, there are a number of options available that can improve your home heating and energy efficiency. One of these is the two-stage furnace. We’ll take a look at this type of furnace and what advantages it offers.

What Is a Two-Stage Furnace?

A two-stage furnace goes go through two stages at providing heat. The two stages in the name refer to the furnace’s fan motor, which is why these heaters are also referred to as variable speed furnaces. In these two-space furnaces, the fan motor can work at different speeds to control the dispersal of the heated air into the ventilation system. Where a single-stage furnace runs at the same level constantly (“high”) a two-stage furnace can also run at 65% of full capacity. The furnace changes between the two stages automatically to react to heating requirements.

Why This Is an Advantage

The main benefit of using this type of furnace is that it consumes less energy when the unit doesn’t need to run at maximum power all the time. Because the fan can still operate to circulate air through a house even when the furnace isn’t on, a two-stage furnace will help with better airflow. This will improve indoor air quality, help control humidity, and also create more comfortable conditions in general. So not only does the furnace work at higher energy efficiency, it will probably need to run less than other furnaces.

Two-stage furnaces are also quieter than single-stage models. If a loud furnace is something that bothers your household, switching to a variable-speed model can be a helpful change.

Make sure that you talk to professionals before you make a decision regarding a new furnace. Expert installers will help you make the best choice for your home’s future heating.

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