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The Benefits of a High-Efficiency Furnace

This is the time of year to make an upgrade to your heating system: you want that new furnace in place before the coldest weather of winter arrives. And when we use the word upgrade, we’re serious! Instead of simply thinking of replacing your old furnace, go with installing a new high-efficiency furnace. New high-efficiency furnaces can consume 30% less fuel compared to older models. Installing one of these energy-saving heating systems is an excellent investment for a number of reasons.

  • Counter the rising costs of natural gas: The price of natural gas has increased over the last few years, and you’ve probably noticed this on your utility bills. With a high-efficiency heating system, you can bring your utility bills down to what they were a few years ago—and probably even lower than that.
  • More even heating: Many high-efficiency furnaces are equipped with variable-speed fans that change according to the comfort needs in a home. This helps the furnace distribute heat more evenly, so your home won’t end up with rooms that are too hot and others that are too cold.
  • Better quality heating: A high-efficiency furnace is able to maintain its temperature at a more constant level. You can have a new furnace with a lower BTU rating compared to your old one and still enjoy the same level of comfort.
  • Won’t “dry out” the air: High-efficiency furnaces use sealed combustion chambers, so they don’t draw air from inside your home and allow drier outside air to flow in to replace it. This helps to avoid overly dry indoor air during the winter.
  • Quieter operation: High-efficiency furnaces have much lower operating noise than older types, helping to create a more pleasant home environment.
  • Rebates and Incentives: The HERO Program helps finance installations of energy-saving systems, including high-efficiency furnaces. We’re a certified HERO Program contractor, able to help you find the right qualifying new system.

To learn more about having a high-efficiency furnace installation in Madera, CA or elsewhere in the Central Valley, call on Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. Quality is the Cornerstone of Our Success since 1952.

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