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The Importance of Gutters on Your Home

The rain gutters on a house serve a number of important jobs that people often don’t consider. If your home lacks rain gutters, or if its current gutters are old, damaged, and falling apart, you should contact experienced professionals to install new ones in time for winter rains.

The difference that properly fitted and installed rain gutters make for a home is substantial. Below is a list of the how rain gutters benefit homes:

  • Prevent water damage: One of the purposes of gutters is simply to channel the rainfall flowing down the roof so that it falls away from the side of the house, rather than running down it. You can always tell a building without rain gutters at a glance: large, ugly water stains mar their sides.
  • Avoid flooding under the house: When water flows straight down the sides of a house, it will easily seep into the lowest parts of the building. This can lead to flooding in basements (if your home has one) and erosion of the foundations.
  • Stop soil erosion: And speaking of erosion, gutters help prevent extensive damage to the landscaping of a house because the gutters are designed to channel rain directly into a storm drain, stopping large amounts of water flooding onto the property.

Although there are many reasons to have rain gutters for your house, please understand that they require professional installation as well as routine maintenance to make sure they continue to perform their job. Our team specializes in sheet metal fabrication, and they can custom design gutters that will ideally serve your home and keep the water directed away from the house and the yard. Our team also handles replacing old rain gutters and providing repairs and maintenance. Their years of experience will see that your home has the best protection during the rainy season.

Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning offers rain gutter installation, repairs, and maintenance. We have served Madera, Fresno, and the Central Valley since 1952.

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