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Ways to Enhance Your Air Conditioning System during a Hot Early Fall

It’s now September, and that means the start of cooler temperatures in many parts of the country. Here in the Central Valley, however, we’re still experiencing levels of intense heat and daytime temperatures that sometimes rise into the 90s. This isn’t a time to relax when it comes to proper air conditioning for a home. In fact, this is an ideal season to consider ways to enhance your air conditioning system if you’re not planning to have a complete new installation. Below is some of our advice for improving your residential AC at the end of the cooling season.

Replacing the Condensing Unit

The outside unit of your air conditioning system is called the condenser. This is where the compressor is housed and the refrigerant goes through condensation to release heat. If your AC has started to underperform, replacing the condensing unit may be the best way to improve it without arranging for a complete system replacement. But you must have top-quality professionals on this job, since a mismatched AC system will perform inefficiently.

UV Germicidal Lights

UV lights are a type of air purification system designed to eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other organic pollutants from circulating through a home. But UV lights also improve air conditioning performance by keeping mold from developing along the indoor evaporator coil. Ask HVAC technicians if you can help your air conditioning system with the installation of ultraviolet germicidal lights.

Upgrading to a Wi-Fi Model Thermostat

We recently posted about the benefits of a Côr Wi-Fi Thermostat. If you still have an older thermostat with limited programming options—or perhaps no programming options at all—we strongly recommend that you arrange to have an advanced model installed instead. The right thermostat increases convenience, energy savings, and precision for your air conditioning system (and also your heating system).

The right improvements will mean a much easier early fall—as well as a system that is prepared to go back to work, better than ever, when you need it again.

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