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What to Consider Before Buying a New HVAC System

woman-relaxingA new year is starting and you’re probably making some long-term plans. If you’re reading this, a new HVAC system is likely part of those plans. You’ve definitely come to the right people—we’ve worked on heating in Clovis, CA and throughout the Central Valley for more than sixty-five years.

Putting in a new HVAC system isn’t something you want to rush into, since you’ll want to have a system that will last for 15 years or more. Making sure you have the ideal system for your needs and also a system that won’t waste energy requires making some important decisions. Below are a few things you should consider before going through with the installation.

Expert advice is the best advice

If you’re not an HVAC professional yourself, you won’t have much familiarity with the different types of units available for home heating and cooling. The information can seem overwhelming, but this is why you have licensed HVAC contractors like us around. We will provide you with honest answers and make every effort to see you have the HVAC system that’s right for your home and your budget.

Energy efficiency

Any type of heating system or air conditioning system has an efficiency rating. Furnaces have AFUE, air conditioners have SEER and EER, and heat pumps have SEER and HSPF. In each case, the higher the number, the more efficiently the unit converts energy into cooling/heating. High efficiency systems will earn the ENERGY STAR label from the Department of Energy. Your technician can help you navigate the efficiencies and understand them.

Low cost and high cost can be deceptive

Or, in other words, price isn’t always a guarantee that a system is right for your house. Higher efficiency systems do cost more, but they can end up saving you money over their lifetime, making them better investments than a much cheaper system. On the other hand, simply purchasing the most expensive unit you can find may backfire on you if the system isn’t a good match for your home’s actual comfort needs.

New thermostats

When thinking about a new HVAC system, think of it as a whole system, not only the AC and heater themselves. The thermostat is an important part of this system, and we recommend you make an upgrade to a programmable or “smart” thermostat as part of the installation. This will help you get the most from the new installation and maximize energy savings.

The size of the system

We don’t mean how much space the HVAC system takes up. “Size” refers to how powerful a system is—how much heating/cooling it can put out. Obviously, you don’t want a system that’s too small for your house, since you won’t receive enough comfort. But going too big creates trouble as well, as the system will waste power and have a short service life. Let our professionals do a heat load calculation to determine the specific cooling and heating power for your new installation.

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