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What Kinds of Repair Issues are Involved with Zone Control Systems

Zone control systems divide your home into different sections, and allow you to control the individual temperature in each other. So if you’re cooking in the kitchen and have the stove turned up, you can set the heat lower there than in the living room, where someone else might be reading or playing video games. Some zone control systems are a part of a ductless mini split system, which uses multiple units spread across your home. Others establish a series of valves and seals in an existing duct system, which can then be adjust via a control panel to open or seal different sections of ducts. Either way, they still experience their share of breakdowns and repair needs. Here in Madera, heating installation services can usually perform repairs on them. But what kinds of repair issues are involved with zone control systems?

Frankly, it depends on the kind of zone control. For valves inserts in an existing system, the problems usually arise when they become misaligned or some issue appear with the controls that open and close them. As a result, you won’t be able to turn the heat on or off in a given section, which render the whole purpose of the system obsolete. A technician will likely need to access your ductwork and find out what the problem is.

With ductless mini split systems, the problem could stem from any number of causes. If your air flow it low, you may be experiencing a problem with the fan motor or a clog in the vents. Lower heat or cooling capacity could mean a leak in the refrigerant levels, while a build-up of dust or dirt could cause an overall lowering of efficiency (leading to higher energy bills).

Regardless of what kinds of repair issues are involved with zone control systems, you need the right kind of technician to perform the operation. Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning offers heating installation and repair services in Madera, and our trained experts won’t rest until you are completely satisfied. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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