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Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important

What is one of the key steps you need to take whenever your transfer a load of wash from the washing machine to the dryer? You must check the lint catcher in the dryer to make sure that it is cleaned out. Unless the lint catcher is clean, the dryer will have a harder time removing heat from the clothing load, resulting in damp clothes at the end of the drying cycle.

However, issues from lint go deeper than the lint catcher. The vent to the outside of your home that exhausts the heat from the dryer will start to collect lint over time, and eventually the hose from the dryer and the vent will become congested with clothing fibers. It is important that you have routine dryer vent cleaning to remove these obstructions, as we will explain below. You can call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning for excellent dryer vent cleaning in Fresno, CA. We will be glad to perform this crucial service for you.

A clean dryer vent will prevent fire hazards

The main reason you need to schedule regular dryer vent cleaning is to prevent the danger from fires. Clothing lint is highly flammable, which is why hikers often carry it to use as a catalyst for starting campfires. If too much lint collects inside the dryer vent, it can ignite due to the high temperatures of the exhaust, starting a fire that will spread rapidly. A large number of house fires begin this way every year, but with routine vent cleaning you can keep your home safe.

A clean dryer vent means shorter drying times

If you keep the lint catcher clean, but it still seems that you have to keep the clothing in the dryer for longer periods to properly dry them, you probably have a clogged dryer vent. You will continue to encounter problems with lengthy drying times until you have the vent professionally cleaned.

A clean dryer vent reduces wear and tear on the dryer

A congested dryer vent will make a dryer work harder. This will both increase your energy bills and also shorten the dryer’s service life. To make sure that you receive many years of quality and energy-efficient performance from your dryer, arrange for regular dryer vent cleaning.

The trained technicians at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning can clean your dryer vent quickly using powered vacuums and air cleaners. You can set up a regular cleaning schedule with us to ensure that the work always gets done when necessary. Call us today to arrange for dryer vent cleaning in Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas.

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