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Why Regular Duct Cleaning Is Important

It is easy to forget about the ductwork attached to your forced-air comfort systems (furnace, heat pump, package unit,  central air conditioner) since most of it remains hidden from sight behind the walls and in the ceilings of your house. However, this ductwork needs to receive routine maintenance service from professionals to keep it clean and free from the dust and debris that will naturally start to accumulate inside it. Duct cleaners will use special equipment and techniques to do a thorough job.

How often you need to have this service done depends on your home. Call Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning and our Fresno, CA duct cleaning experts will help you arrange a schedule to keep your ductwork in excellent shape.

Why you need to have routine duct cleaning

There are a number of important reasons to keep the ductwork in your home as clean as possible. First, ducts that become clogged with excessive amounts of dust, lint, and other debris will create a drop in energy efficiency for the HVAC system. Even a thin layer of dust will place resistance against the airflow through the ducts. As more dust and dirt accumulates, your forced-air systems will need to work harder, creating a rise in your heating and cooling bills. If you have detected an increase in costs to run your HVAC system, it’s often a sign that you are overdue for duct cleaning services.

Second, dirty ductwork can cause damage to your forced-air heater and central air conditioner. If debris enters the cabinet of a furnace, heat pump, or AC, it can cause problems with motors, electrical connections, evaporator coils, and more. This will lead to repairs and possibly a shortened life for the system.

Third, when the ducts have too much contamination in them, it will result in a decline in your indoor air quality. When you consider that the average 6-room family home can circulate 40 lbs. of dust through the HVAC system every year, you’ll understand why cleaning the ducts will do so much for helping reduce indoor air pollution. It’s especially important to keep the ductwork clean if you have people living in your home who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Contact us to schedule duct cleaning

At Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning, we offer professional duct cleaning for Fresno, CA and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are NATE-certified and EPA-certified, so you will know that you are receiving the highest quality work. Give us a call today to schedule service.

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