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Why Spring Maintenance Is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your AC

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Now that the weather in the Central Valley has started to warm up, it really is starting to feel like spring. Although it’s still not hot enough that you’ll need to run your home’s air conditioning system quite yet, you can use this time to arrange for an all-important job: scheduling professional AC maintenance in Fresno, CA with our team of experienced professionals.

We talk about HVAC maintenance often during the year, with reminders in spring for ACs and in fall for heating systems. This isn’t just because we want to get your business. It’s also because we know how beneficial professional tune-ups and inspections are for heating and cooling systems. Maintenance is one of the best services you can have for your air conditioning system. Here are a few reasons why.

It improves energy efficiency

The cleaning and adjustments we do during AC maintenance slow down the gradual aging of the system. This keeps parts working smoothly and the air conditioner working at its best energy efficiency. Not only does this mean you’ll pay less on your energy bills over the summer than you would’ve otherwise (AC efficiency declines by about 5% each year it misses maintenance), you’ll also have a system that is more environmentally friendly.

It extends equipment lifespan

We mentioned that maintenance slows down the aging of an air conditioner, so you can expect to get a long, full service life from your cooling system if you stay current with tune-ups. The average lifespan of a central air conditioner is from 10 to 15 years, but those numbers can drop to half if the system doesn’t get the regular maintenance it needs. 

It prevents most repairs

During maintenance, we look for places where early malfunctions might start so we can have them quickly corrected. This helps prevent future repair troubles that will interfere with your comfort and can have a big impact on your pocket book. Maintenance has been shown to prevent more than 50% of the repairs that an AC might otherwise need during its service life.

It improves indoor air quality

Letting your air conditioner sit and collect dust without a good professional cleaning will mean you have an HVAC system that circulates dust all around your house. Lack of maintenance can also allow for the growth of harmful mold in the AC that sends out toxic mold spores. It only takes a spring maintenance visit to ensure your AC won’t work against your indoor air quality. 

It keeps the warranty in force

If your air conditioner malfunctions and needs a major repair, you’ll be thankful to have a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover most of the cost … unless you didn’t maintain the air conditioner, in which case you might find that the warranty is void! Don’t let this happen to you: keep current with maintenance. Our technicians will see that the work your AC receives meets the requirements for a valid warranty.

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