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Replacing Air Filters on a Regular Basis

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

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Replacing the air filters regularly in your home or business is a must.   A clogged air filter can cause trouble with your HVAC system.  It can cause additional stress to your heating and cooling equipment that can lead to costly breakdowns or even equipment failure.  This can lower the indoor air quality of the air you breathe.  The air filters need to be changed on a regular basis or it can block and restrict air flow through your ductwork and HVAC system.


Your AC system is designed to remove heat from your home or business.   The fan pulls the warm air and passes it over evaporative coils.  The fan pushes the newly generated cool air through the ductwork system to cool your home or business.   When the filter is clogged it reduces the airflow into the system and can cause many problems.   It can reduce the cooling capacity and in turn reduce the comfort level.   It can even cause the coils to ice up and the system to struggle and make noises.  During the hot summers in Fresno CA, you want to make sure your equipment is working to capacity.  Poor operation can reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your equipment not to mention your comfort level.


Operating your heater with a clogged filter can be very dangerous.   A clogged filter does not allow enough cold air to pass over the heat exchanger and can cause the heat exchanger to crack.   When a heat exchanger cracks it can be dangerous.   It can leak carbon monoxide into your home or business.

Just like your car, your home’s heating and air conditioning system needs regular maintenance and service to keep it running properly.   Check your operation manual for the suggested filter changing requirements.  The best way to extend the life of your equipment is to have your HVAC system serviced, cleaned and inspected on a regular basis by a licensed professional.  During routine service your technician will replace the air filters and clean the components of your HVAC Air Filter.   At Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning our service technicians can service your HVAC system, change your filters and help you maintain efficient operations.

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Installing Zone Controls in an Existing System

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Here in Fresno, heating is definitely a season concern, though it’s not quite the all-consuming necessity that it is in colder places back east. We get our share of chilly nights, but overall the weather here in the Central Valley is very mild. That could leave some homeowners to look into ways to minimize their heating bill in any way they can, using it only during those cold nights when they really need it. A zone control system could be the answer, and luckily, installing zone controls in an existing system is easier than it sounds.

Zone controls basically divide the home into sections, with a separate control for each one. That allows you to shift the temperature up and down individual rooms: to have one temperature in a bedroom which might be particularly chilly, while having a completely different temperature in the kitchen were you may be cooking over a hot stove. You can even turn off the heat in areas of the house you aren’t using.

Often, zone controls can be installed most easily when installing a new heating system, and often involves individual units placed around your home, each with their own controls. That renders an existing duct system inert, however, and may be more than many homeowners want to take on. Luckily, you can install controls in an existing duct system. Specifically, the technician places a series of dampers and valves at strategic points in your duct system, then set up controls that allow you to open and close them at will. That achieves the same effect as a ductless system while still making full use of your existing furnace.

Having said that, you still need the right service if you want to properly install zone controls in an existing system. Luckily, the Fresno heating specialists at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning are on the job. We have plenty of experience with adding zone controls to your existing ducts, and will go through all of the steps with you before performing the task. Call us today to set up an appointment. We’d be happy to discuss your options with you!

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Steps to Installing a New Heat Pump

Monday, January 20th, 2014

A heat pump combines the functions of a heater and an air conditioner into a single unit. It consists of two components – one indoor, one outdoor – that need to function together in order to effectively warm your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. Heat pumps make a lot of sense in towns with warm winters like ours. Here in Fresno, heating repair services can install them with efficiency and care. You should always count on a professional to install a new heat pump – it’s not a job for do-it-yourselfers – but it helps if you know what’s entailed in the process. Here are the steps to installing a new heat pump.

  • The location is set and prepared. Heat pumps need an even surface to rest on, and the spot for the indoor unit needs to line up with the outdoor unit.  You should also have at least 18 inches of clear space around the heat pump, which will prevent obstruction and ensure that the unit is functioning the way it should. If necessary, holes are drilled in the wall to let the line run between the two halves of the unit.
  • The inside portion of the heat pump is set in place and mounted, with the lines run to the outside area if necessary. The lines need to run on a level plane, without rising or dropping between inside and outside.
  • The outside portion of the unit is connected to the inside portion and the pressure of the lines is equalized and capped. This ensures that the refrigerant will move safely between the inside portion of the unit and the outside.
  • The outside unit is mounted and secured in place, and the entire system is run to make sure it is operating correctly.

In Fresno, heating repair services that care about quality will always follow the steps to installing a new heat pump. That way, the customer gets a reliable system from the get-go and doesn’t need to worry about hassles or problems cropping up. The Fresno heating repair experts at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning can install a new heat pump for you, and are dedicated to your complete satisfaction with the process. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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How to Avoid Heating Repairs Before They Start

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Heating is largely a concern for the winter months here in Central California, which is when repairs are most likely necessary. No one worries about fixing a heater in the summer when temperatures top 100 degrees, and here in Fresno, heating installation services can easily perform repairs when they arise. But rather than waiting for a breakdown to occur, you can take steps to prevent the problem from ever coming up. Here’s how to avoid heating repairs in Fresno before they start.

In the first place, it pays to have a regular maintenance session schedule at least once a year. A trained technician can come to your home and go over your heater to check for any potential problems. If one arises, you can schedule a session quickly before the problem gets any worse. Furthermore, a maintenance session will clean off dust and dirt, tighten loose fittings and perform other “tune-up” services that reduce overall wear and tear. A cleaner furnace has fewer problems with its burners, won’t causes as much friction on moving parts, and won’t need to expend as much energy to do its job.

Another good step is to simply pay close attention to the functioning of your heater, and call in a technician the moment anything out of the ordinary arises. Your furnace doesn’t need to stop functioning to indicate that it could use a little TLC. For example, your monthly energy bills may go up even though you aren’t using you air conditioner any more than normal. Or you may notice a strange sound whenever you turn your heater on that wasn’t there before. It may not stop the heater from functioning right away, but the risk grows the more time that goes by.

Regardless of the circumstances, you need a reliable Fresno heating installation technician on call to help avoid heating repairs before they start. Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning handles maintenance issues, we operate in Fresno, heating installation services are part of our services as well, and we can discuss all of your options with you before we start work. Pick up the phone and give us a call today. You’ll be glad that you did!

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Carrier Dealer Hall of Fame Weekend

Monday, January 13th, 2014

In early December, Michael Purl, Mickie Purl and Brian Driggs were invited to attend a special weekend in Indianapolis to celebrate the Carrier Dealer Hall of Fame honorees.  Michael Purl was inducted into the Carrier Dealer Hall of Fame in 2010 (see video below).  Michael was nominated & chosen for his business accomplishments as well as his extensive list of community service activities and leadership roles.  It has been a wonderful honor and experience for Michael and Mickie Purl and for the Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning team.

The weekend consisted of attending the Indianapolis Colts football game as special recognized guests, Carrier hosted dinner party, business meeting, and a tour of the corporate plant facilities.   It was a wonderful weekend and a great opportunity to visit with all of the past and present Carrier Dealer Hall of Fame honorees.

The Carrier Dealer Hall of Fame awards are presented annually to a very select few industry leading contractors.  These awards are lifetime achievement awards given to a person who exemplifies the dedication of a life and a lifetime of service and contributions to the HVAC industry, their employees and their own community.   Honorees exemplify compassion and commitment to their employee’s communities, and customers.   It is modeled on the vision statement of Carrier founder, Willis Carrier.

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How Can I Find an Efficient Heating System?

Friday, January 10th, 2014

“How can I find an efficient heating system in Fresno?” The answer is easy; ask someone who knows. In Fresno, heating questions can be answered with knowledge and courtesy by the experts at Purl’s Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning. The specifics depend on your circumstances. Someone living alone, for instance, has much different heating needs than a family of seven, and older homes require different things than newer ones. We can answer all of that for you with a thorough inspection of your home. In general, you should pay attention to the following general guidelines:

  • Home size. A heater needs to be sized correctly to match the size of your home. If it’s too powerful, it will cycle on and off rapidly, wasting energy in the process. If it’s not powerful enough, it won’t be able to do the job effectively. A careful measurement of your home’s space will help determine the right size heater.
  • Home heat retention. Similarly, the way your home retains heat will have an impact on the most efficient system to buy. If you have more insulation, double-paned windows and the like, your home will hold in the heat better and your heater needn’t be as powerful as it might others.
  • Home layout. Some heating systems work better in certain homes. For instance, if you have an older home that lacks a system of ducts, you may want to eschew gas furnaces for a ductless mini spit system (which means you won’t need to bother with installing ducts). Or if your home has a lot of rooms that don’t see much use, you may want to include a zone control system as part of your package, allowing you to heat the areas of the home you occupy without heating the other portions.

Regardless of the specifics, Purl’s is here to help. We can answer the question “How can I find an efficient heating system in Fresno?” then install the system that’s right for you. In Fresno, heating is no laughing matter. Let our Fresno heating specialists make sure you have the perfect system to compliment your home.

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